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Ok so this has been legit bothering me since s2 premiered

Exhibit A: Keith’s Room in Season 1

Exhibit B: Keith’s Room in Season 2

Why…is his bed on the other side of the room? We know there aren’t two beds because he runs right into the other wall.

And in this scene from s2, his room only has one door, which he is facing

So. Did Keith switch rooms at some point???


Here he is in front of Lance’s room. See that doorway behind him, a few scant steps away from Lance’s room? That’s his. Room. THAT HE CLEARLY SWAPPED HIS OLD ROOM FOR 



When I told you that my parents were supportive of my coming out, I lied. I had this friend when I was fourteen, Eliza Wilkie. We’d hang out in her parents’ basement watching horror flicks and smoking cigarettes. I- She was the first girl that I knew that I liked in a way that was different. And I thought that she liked me too, so on Valentine’s Day I put a card in her locker declaring my feelings and asking her to the dance. Well, she gave that card to her parents.

Okay but guys.

In all his time teaching at UA, Aizawa’s expelled 154 students.

But considering he’s thirty, he can’t have been working at UA for very long.

Maybe about 6 years at the most.

So, let’s we assume that all the heroics classes are 20 students each.

If Aizawa had expelled every single student in all 6 of the classes he’s taught at UA, that’d still leave 34 students unaccounted for.

And not to mention that, while we know for certain that he’d expelled an entire class of students the year before Izuku and the others started, he can’t have done that every single year he’d taught at UA (else there’s no way he’d still have a job there).

So like, there’s probably more than 34 expelled students that are unaccounted for.

You know what that means?

This binch is going around expelling other teachers’ students as well.