; ; love his hair omfg

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Omg I love your art so much I die okay long haired Victor is the light of my life not gonna lie. Hey, could you possibly draw long haired Yuuri???? I've been thinking about it even since seeing in at the end of episode 12 and I know it would be beautiful in your style! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

when i watched the episode i didn’t realize his hair was longer at the end till days later hahhaa but when i did notice i was like ‘OMFG HIS HAIR gotta draw him’
thank you for asking <3

reading Seventeen's minds
  • Seungcheol: JEONGHAN omg he touched me he's so warm and I love his hair and I just
  • Jeonghan: omfg Coups needa chill I ain't about that life.. imma flip my hair so he'll get more frustrated
  • Joshua: o lord Jesus please let Seventeen do well at our next show.. and maybe give me some more time to speak in English because I kill that shit fam
  • Jun: mUST. AVOID. LOGOS.
  • Hoshi: imma squish squish, make them bitches swoon, then gaze seductively and indirectly impregnate millions
  • Wonwoo: I have no inspiration for these lyrics... well Mingyu is pretty cool, in a heterosexual, platonic way wOW IS IT HOT IN HERE?
  • Woozi: I fucking hate all of these people why am I here
  • DK: *birds chirping and beautiful music playing*
  • Mingyu: wow who is that? he's so handsome.. oh it's a mirror lmao hEY mirror-gyu ur lookin good 2day
  • The8: I don't understand any of what they're saying... just smile and nod, that shit always works
  • Seungkwan: is now an appropriate time to burst out into song? no? okay 1 2 3 gO
  • Vernon: *crickets*... did I load my macs before we left the dorm?
  • Dino: IN A FEW YEARS I WILL BE THE VISUAL FUCK ALL OF Y- oh hyung is coming gtg attack him with hugs

😍😍😍 Shingen with his hair down 😍😍😍 😻😻😻I want to touch it and braid it 😻😻😻

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when your fave is problematic:

• scott hoying
— he can sing these crazy riffs
— his jawline omfg
— he’s actually a 6'3 ft five year old child
— an actual, real life noodle

• kirstie maldonado
— she literally looks good in every single hair color/style
— she’s an angel
— she’s the sweetest and cutest human being to ever grace planet earth
— an actual, real life disney princess

• mitch grassi
— he is a pure diva
— his high-notes and just his singing voice in general omfg
— his spunky, sassy attitude
— an actual, real life queen/boy princess

• avi kaplan
— his mesmerizing green eyes
— his deep, low voice (the type that makes the girls want to bear his child and turn all the boys gay)
— he is genuine and sensitive
— an actual, real life dork and bbq-loving dragon

• kevin olusola
— he’s the most intelligent human being ever (speaks fluent mandarin, went to yale, and he can beatbox like it’s nobody’s business)
— his contagious laughs
— he’s swole
— an actual, real life perfect human being

just imagine when calum’s hair grows back into its curly state. sure you loved the way he decided to do something new and shave it down into a buzz cut style, but your knees go weak when you see his fluffy and overly soft, curly hair coming back. it would be unruly and it would sometimes look like he had bed head (no matter how hard he tried to tame it) but you love it anyways. you love the way it feels between your fingers when you’re running your hands through it aimlessly when he decides to lay his head down on your lap during a cuddle session. you love the way it feels to twirl your fingers through the curly napes on his neck when he’s pushing you up against you, haphazardly kissing you- just desperate for skin to skin action. you love it when its wet and it has to be pushed away from his big brown eyes. you just love his curly hair in general and you’d be lying if you said you’d never though about how it would feel to have it tickle the inside of your thighs as he goes down on you lmao byeee

From what i gathered from the revival, I think that Rory and Logan were always supposed to fall in love without the cheating 10 years ago and never get their happy ending. I’m so…. piecing everything up just… omg. Rory was always supposed to fall in love with a rich boy and not get her happy ending with him. Logan’s family was always gonna find him an heir and not let him marry for love. Logan Huntzberger would never know his child because Rory doesn’t tell him. Omfg that’s why April exists. All the references. Richard and Emily joking about a baby with blue eyes and blonde hair, Logan’s family telling Rory that she would never be able to be a Huntzberger wife, Logan telling Rory that Josh wasn’t marrying the Huntzberger heir, she was… Rory gets pregnant at 22 in the original series, she never tells Logan and Logan finds out later like Luke. It was always supposed to be a tragic ending.

Dialogue Prompt

“(Name) you don’t know how to flirt”
“Psssh yeah I do!”
“Then flirt with that guy over there” her friend points.
“Fine!” (Name) flips hair and walks over to guy and taps his shoulder.
Guy turns around and smiles.

My Reactions to the Seduce Me Holiday Special


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(I have a weakness for guys who push their hair back like that omg 2nd bae)


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(Erik is being adorable as always asdfghjkl husbandooooooo~ <3 <3 <3)


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(Matthew is so dorky and adorable omfg I just wanna squish him and ruffle his hair)


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All of the Incubi

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Saero and Diana

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(THIS. THIS COMPLETED ME. I NEEDED THIS. HOLY SHIT. 10/10 best thing that happened on the special episode like. y E S)

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so mature. anyways, what are your thoughts on yugyeom's blue hair? I love it so much omfg im not sure if he has dyed his hair orange before but if he did I'd die

I love the blue!! I think it looks amazing on him! It makes him look a lot older and more mature. Dark hair always looks good though in my opinion hehe~

I like all of the members’ new hair colors actually! Jaebum’s is a bit too bright for my taste, but it still looks pretty good on him!

As far as orange goes for Gyeomie, I put some pics under the ‘read more’. I think this is about the closest he’s gotten to orange. It looks pretty good too!  Although I myself prefer the darker shades (but I might be a bit biased since blue is my favorite color)~

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Watching the op of élDLIVE like (manga spoilers below, I guess):


OMMMMMMMMMFG IT’S VIRGIL HIS NAMELESS PARTNER (I hope they finally give him a name) AND SPACE MEGANE MUKURO!!!! (This sort of removes all chance of him appearing in the manga, since, you know) OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

AAAAAAAAAAAAH IT’S GUCCHI OMG (I got a little emotional seeing him considering, you know)


ALIEN MOOKS!! (I see Beralgo in the back, but where’s Darie??)

(I think I was a little too excited)

Dating Harry Would Include:

- really bad jokes on a regular basis

- incredibly hot sex hair (plus also holding his curly locks during sex omfg)

- getting to braid his hair when you’re bored

- him showing you what he just learned to play on guitar

- going skinny jean shopping together (sorry it had to be said)

- watching chick flicks and crying together

- curling up against his back (because you would be big spoon)

- hearing his low raspy voice saying that he loves you in the morning before he leaves for work

- oh god his shower singing voice 

- wearing his button downs always

- when you get really excited and he just throws you over his shoulder and walks out of the room with you because you’re embarrassing but he still wants people to know you’re his

- taking selfies oh jesus

- Niall taking cute candids of you together because he’s a fangirl nerd

- seeing him sweaty after a workout

- him singing little things to you when you’re upset and curled up in his lap

- holding his (large) hand everywhere you went

- feeling 100% loved 100% of the time because he would remind you every other minute

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can i ask for reactions from gion, sekizan, oharano, and iwashimizu if they saw a girl taller than iwashimizu? xD

Omfg this is such a good and cute question. I absolutely love it! thanks for submitting it! 

Already being self conscious of his height, the moment Gion saw someone who was taller than tree trunk, and a GIRL at that? Oh he lost it.

“HOW TALL ARE YOU?” the brown haired boy just HAD to know. “WHAT DO YOU EAT TO GET THAT TALL?!” oh he would flood the poor girl with so many questions … RIP. 


Sekizan would just stand there almost glaring at the girl from admiration. It wasn’t every day you’d see a girl THAT tall. 

“I wonder if she’d join our team and play” he would joking wonder to himself. 

No stop. Bad.


Obviously being taller than this cool blonde, Oharano would most likely keep his distance. He wasn’t too social as it was and a girl taller than him would make him keep his distance even more. 

Nothing against her personally or anything, he just… felt out of place in a way. 


Ohhhh. The tall timid baby would be so happy. Finally. Someone who he could talk to about the struggles of being tall. 

Iwashimizu would be the first in line to want to become friends with her. Not necessarily in a romantic interest or anything of the sort, he really just loved the idea of having someone to talk to who would understand him. 

Also he would probably ask them where they buy clothes at.