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Milo: I’m never letting you go, Irene. Seeing you lying next to me… it makes me happier than ever.


Yes you! Do you like the ship Phan? Are you okay with the sfw little community? Do you have Wattpad?? If you’ve answered “Yes” to all of these questions, then listen up:
I made a Phaniction on my Wattpad page called Little Prince. My page name is EvasiveWriting. I only have a chapter up so far but I worked really hard on it. So please check it out if you’re interested! Okay, that is all. Thank youuu :D


kyliebunburyRare KB diva footage 💁🏽

NBA Awards tonight on TNT 9pm E/PT

@champagnepapi 🌺 *I’ll be making a little appearance 😏”