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Fun fact when you connect to WiFi in a Jack in the box this massive picture of Jack Box covers the accept button and makes connecting impossible

centrists: i don’t believe in genocide, but i’ll defend to the death your right to organize, recruit, distribute propaganda, and make clear statements saying that you are about to commit genocide. i don’t believe in it though and i don’t understand how it happens

stuck up white woman who hates being around people especially people of colour: I should be…a nurse…some kind of…caretaker…a high-empathy based role of sorts…

honey came in and she caught me red handed creepin with the girl next door

picture this we were both butt naked man door hand hook car door

any place on campus with a “FREE TAKE ME” box has at least two copies of the same self-published sapiosexual squidgod romance transformation erotica novel in it and its been that way for two years now

Everyones swooning over Handsome Chocolate Man Mercy, meanwhile I’m just here staring at that Blood covered Field Medic Mercy concept wishing I could play that game…

Look at this shit. Give me more RAW HEALING.