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could u imagine inventing butter, and you take a big spoonful and ur like 😏 then that shit hit your tongue and….. 😰….. 😨 ….. ur done! 😱🤢 soooooo nasty! ugh! ohhh it’s repulsive! but then ur thinking 🤔i spent 16 hours making this little bowl of this filth, not gonna just toss it! no way! 😑 so u grab some of your leftover bread that you grew yourself on a bread tree. spread some of that Gunk on that bad boy. 😧 bottoms up!!! …….😳❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ it’s amazing! it’s so delicious! how can something so horrendous by itself, make this bread so much better❓❗️❓❗️ you losing your damn mind

my favourite genre of youtube video is animated wolf oc series i have nothing but respect for often teenagers deciding to create 20+ minutes of fully rendered animation with a full team and voice cast with no formal training. i wish i had that kind of dedication 

Trudeau’s entire indigenous policy is to wax regretful about Canada’s abuse of its Native people, say all the feel-good stuff about reconciliation that makes liberals hot and bothered, and then do exactly the same shit as the Conservatives