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I just love how gay you made that thumbnail look

We actually took it down a peg, because we didn’t want it to be too misleading hahaha XD

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lol I don't know how to phrase this without it sounding weird but boy you have been looking FINE lately

Honestly??? Seriously, I need to put more stock in messages like this, because it’s absolutely ridiculous how many times I look at messages like these and think “oh they’re just being nice”. Like ugh why does this have to be a constant struggle?? Lol Especially hanging around a cutie like Joan, I get self-conscious of how I look in comparison. Body positivity is such an important thing to constantly focus on and cutting ourselves slack, and now I’m rambling, but thank you!! These little messages do mean a great deal to me, so I appreciate it greatly!

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Where's Bendy?

while boris and mugs are having their convo, Bendy, after changing his clothes that are being washed cuz of all the ink on it after he got sick, went to the nearby bar (on his own cuz boris’s too young for that fcourse)

bartender Blain belongs to @freshkaleid

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I feel like the entire best friend video was 100% NO HOMO THO BRO thing and coming from you it only made it funnier 😂 (can we appreciate my no homo rhyme I'm so proud of myself)

I get where you’re coming from, however, I would never say no homo to anyone because that is a gigantic lie lol

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joan is super cute and so are you! imo joan is a more "keep them safe forever" cute while you're more "literally radiates sunshine" cute and different kinds of cute aren't lesser kinds of cute!

Aw well…. hmmm that actually makes me think differently on it. Ok, that makes me feel a bit better! Lol

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Are you going to do any videos with Leo anytime soon? :)

He’s focusing on himself for right now, and it’s indeterminate whether he will do another video, but I wanna respect his wishes to focus on his life, but rest assured, he’s doing well, and hopefully we’ll hang out soon!