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i hate literally every single thing about this

why the fuck does bigfoot look like this

some of the cuckolds on here: hhelo…..could u naybe follow my blog pwease?  i would b ever so grateful uwu…

me, an alpha blogger with no time for bullshit:

You Will Follow My Blog. You Will Laugh At My Funny Jokes. You Will Reblog My Funny Pix. You W

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Do you hate men ?

The pond outside my house is comprised solely of vanilla pudding. Just thought I’d answer a ridiculous question with a ridiculous answer.


still not tired of this

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You having Joan and Talyn in some of your videos as nonbinary peeps and saying stuff like "guys gals and nonbinary pals" and just generally being so accepting made me brave enough to tell like 6 people I know I'm nonbinary and they ALL took it really well and I'm so happy so thank you!!!

Well that is awesome to hear!!! Definitely one cool thing i wanna make sure my platform can do is normalize all of that so it doesn’t feel like a big deal, because gender identity shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s just who we are! I am SO glad the people in your life are taking it well!! You deserve that recognition and positive support!!