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where do all these retailers get off calling pants that go up to the bellybutton “high-waisted”. no. fuck you. that’s called “mid-rise”. i want to wear a crop top and not have a single inch of belly showing. i want to be able to button my pants over my tits. are you listening? you’re not listening. i want my shirt to feel redundant. i want to feel like i’m being vored by my own pants. bad-end, six pages into the comic,

Sixpenceee Short Films

I wanted to create a Youtube Channel for short animated films. These short films can be horror/creepy/inspirational etc. 

I’m currently looking for those in design that can help create these animations. Please send me a portfolio with videos/gifs you have created before at sixpenceee@gmail.com. I will choose 3-4 people. If chosen, more details will be discussed in our contract.