being with yunho would include...

Requested by @misslavada C:

  • Yunho going the old school way to woo you
  • Like flowers and dinners and all that shit
  • Sneaking around at first so his fans and SM don’t figure it out
  • But when they do figure it out neither of you deny it like fuck everyone you’re a perfect couple
  • Having to put up with Changmin making jokes about the two of you all the time
  • But Yunho gave you permission to kick him in the shin sooooo
  • Sitting through a lot of dance practices because Yunho loves dancing and he tries to teach you but you fail miserably most of the time
  • Which probably leads to make out sessions in the dance studio cause holla
  • Holding hands wherever you go
  • Yunho insisting it’s cause you’re like a puppy and get distracted easily and he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd, but it’s really cause he likes holding your hand cause he’s a softie and a romantic
  • You telling him to “put those away” or “get those out of my face” whenever he’s walking around shirtless which leads him to do it more often
  • Which was probably your plan all long so niiiice
  • Giving each other the silent treatment whenever you do fight because neither of you want to apologize
  • And then you use Changmin as a go between until he gets sick enough of it that he tricks you into talking to each other
  • Preferring to make love slow and passionately because you want to enjoy every touch of each other
  • Almost always sleeping with yourself snuggled into his chest and his arms wrapped around you to keep you there
  • Getting married before moving into each other
  • Like big fun wedding time wooooooo
  • Then always disagreeing on how things in your new home should be done or where shit should go
  • So you beat him down with U Know jokes until he submits
  • Yunho video calling you every day he’s away so you don’t ever worry
  • Yunho dropping hints about wanting to be a dad
  • Cause honestly he’d be such a good one
  • And reassuring you that you’d be a good parent too
  • Even as you get older you still clear out the living room once an evening so you can slow dance together
  • Looking back at all of DBSK’s early 2000s hair and making fun of him
  • And then promptly showing it to your kids when he’s not around
  • But when he does come around you mind him that you love him just as much now when his looks might be fading and his dancing isn’t as solid and maybe his fanbase has mostly drifted away
  • And nothing makes him smile more

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