What the hell komaeda aint got shit on this mastepiece


With her cold remedy (or part of it, anyways) ready, Hina heads over to wake up Bernardo, who is now passed out on the couch, still over-warmly dressed.

Hina: Poor guy. I hope he’s not too feverish.

She reaches out to check his temperature- he is indeed burning up.

Hina: Well, that explains why he feels cold. Fever would do that to a person. Bernardo, wake up!

She shakes him a bit. Normally, she would just let him sleep, but it’s best that he eat something first- she knows he hasn’t eaten all day.

Hina: Come on! Food’s served.

Bernardo: Hmm? What? 

He is still groggy and tired, but at least he can sit up- the cold can’t be that bad.

Hina: I made some good hot soup- it always works when someone in my family is sick. You’ll feel better after you’ve eaten it.

Bernardo: Oh… you didn’t have to. Thanks.

As soon as he tried a spoon, his taste buds catch on fire.

Bernardo: What’s in this? It’s really, really spicy.

Hina: That’s the point. It’s my family’s tried and true cold remedy. And don’t try to tell me you aren’t sick.

Bernardo: I am, I am. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I haven’t had a cold since I was Akemi’s age!

Hina: It happens to everyone. Now, just focus on getting better. 

He just nods, while wolfing down as much of the soup as he can. It is really good timing that Hina is here now. Otherwise, he would’ve had to go through a sickness and deal with Milena Wolfe all by himself. Now, he knows there’s someone he can count on.