naomi is lighting up on twitter rn and I don’t blame her one bit, even if I’m expected to because I’m a fan of hers. This isn’t even really just about her not being on the poster, it’s years of frustrations finally being released. She’s been made to take the backseat for her entire career and she finally had her breaking point. So honestly, y'all can miss me with that “she doesn’t need to be all over social media with this” bullshit. They just made a complete ass of her, like they’ve been doing forever, and you can honestly just take so much. And it hurts as a fan to see someone as talented and dedicated as her have to watch others pass her up. But if she leaves, I don’t blame her in the slightest and I hope she drags the FUCK outta them on that shoot interview


Shoving these basic boring dry women down our throats and ignoring the one everyone wants to see.

Did they actually put Alicia Fox the poster because they thought she was on the show or is it because they thought she was Naomi? I mean, all black women look the same, right?

Naomi’s said countless times how much she’s literally begged that company for more opportunities. She should have been had the title at least two years ago. Give this woman what she deserves. They’ve kicked her off Total Divas twice when in truth, she’s the main draw.

WWE wanna go on about a ‘Women’s Revolution’ but their going two steps forward and four steps back. They’re stuck in their old fashioned ways.

In my eyes Naomi is an excellent role model for black women and the LGBT community; we are completely in awe of her. She’s a total sweetheart and she’s been overlooked by the company she’s given her all to.

I may watch the weekly clips of my faves but for fucks sake, I’m so fucking tired. I’ll definitely keep my coins away from these assholes. With their treatment of Naomi the WWE are saying so much without saying anything at all.

I’m so done and over people’s pettiness with the women’s division. I’m sick of people always blaming the women for other women getting treated like crap by the creative team. STOP BLAMING THE WOMEN. BLAME THE FUCKING CREATIVE TEAM FOR THEIR FUCKERY. These women show nothing but love and support for each other, and fans still have the audacity to be so hateful, bitter, and disrespectful to them and always have to play one against the other. It’s unbelievable.


Former World Champion Ribout steps into the MMA!

Followed by Ronda Rousey, another top judoka moves into the cage.

2009 World Champion, Morgane Ribout decided to continue her sport career in MMA. 28-year-old French, now former judoka decided to retire from judo in march 2014.

Ribout announced this “new page in her life” via her facebook profile: “It is with great pleasure tonight, and after over a year and a half of training, to announce my debut in mma pro. Many people already asked me to when it will be my1st fight, and I’ll have to wait until early 2017 (mid February early March), together with my coach Bertrand Amoussou!.”

“I can’t wait to share this with you! A big thank you for your support and very fast in the cage!” - Ribout (FRA) added for end.

Ribout won World Championships title in U57kg division, in Rotterdam (NED). In final match she was better than Telma Monteiro (POR). On her road to the final she swooshed names such as Kaori Matsumoto (JPN), Chen-Ling Lien (TPE), Yurislediys Lupetey (CUB) and Deborah Gravenstijn of the Netherlands. Unfortunately for Ribout, she never tasted Olympic Games. Her last tournament was in 2013, Grand Prix Dusseldorf where she competed in U63kg category.

Source: http://www.100judo.com/post/former-world-champion-ribout-steps-into-the-mma