Man stabs 6 people, critically wounding 2, at Israel’s gay pride parade 

An Orthodox Jewish man stabbed six, critically wounding two, at Israel’s annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem, Thursday. Police arrested Yishai Schlissel after the incident. Numerous parade-goers said Schlissel had waved a knife and screamed at attackers before launching his attack. Schlissel was released from prison only 3 weeks ago for an eerily similar attack.

(Warning: Photos in the article are graphic.)


Columnar Basalt, Iceland: These columns that are so perfect, they almost look artificial. Millions of years ago, they were lava plateaus, which over time, cooled and fractured to create the stunning facade we see today.


Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, have spent over twenty years building a floating compound off the coast of British Columbia to live off the grid. The home, which they’ve named “Freedom Cove”, consists of a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse, a studio, and five greenhouses. They live off the land and take all of their food and water from rainwater and crops grown on their half-acre large settlement. Their abode had previously been powered by fourteen solar panels, but they had to switch to a generator when these broke down. [x]


Matsuo Ghost Mine

Located in northern Japan, this was once the largest sulfur mine in the Far East. After closing in the 70′s however, it was abandoned and the only thing remaining are the large residential complexes that used to house all of the workers. What makes this place so creepy though is the heavy mist that sometimes shrouds the area. 

Snow Chimney, Arctic Areas

Fumaroles are vents that allow steam from volcanoes to escape into the open. In arctic areas, as soon as steam leaves one of these vents, it freezes, and eventually, massive snow chimneys are formed around the volcanic vent.

Have you considered your ways? Are the steps you’re taking, decisions you’re making, the life you’re living, according to God’s will?

Consider your ways, align it with God’s Word and live in the grace of His Commandments. Be blessed by the Book of Psalms 119. Read and pray about it :)

This photo from the construction of Mount Rushmore was taken in the late 1930s, just a few years before the monument’s completion in 1941. The project was absolutely immense in scope, especially considering that it was built on the heels of the Great Depression. (Source)