160208 Woohyun’s Birthday (B/W Version)

After all you’ve been through this past year, I hope that 2016 will only bring you joy, happiness and success. Thank you for loving your fans as much as you do. I hope you can feel the love we return to you. When you have hard times, think of what you said: “Imagine and dream. Then the world will change to how you want it to be.”
The world is yours, Nam Woohyun.



Dear Woohyun,
There is so much I want to thank you for, but not enough time, so I’ll simply say I hope you have the best birthday, and that all your birthday wishes come true! You are the light that brightens my day when I’m sad, and you never fail to make me smile, so I hope us fans do the same for you.

I love you, Nam Woohyun, and always will.
Be happy, be healthy, and remember you are loved by many!
Your forever inspirit,
Niamh ♡