• Person:so what's your favorite type of book plot?
  • Me:well I like the ones where a girl is chosen for a competition to win the heart of a boy but she already has one at home, but he breaks up with her. She finds the boy whose heart she has to win actually rather nice, but she can't get over the other boy so she decides to just be friends. The boy who broke up with her arrives at the competition, and she isn't sure who to choose. She begins to like the new boy, but when she thinks he's the cause of her best friend's pain, she begins to like her first love again. She realizes that the old boy is truly good and trying to be better than his father, and she slowly falls in love with him. Her father dies and the boy realizes his love for her. Unfortunately, he realizes that she had loved the other boy before, and so he plans to marry someone else. During an attack, he literally takes a bullet for her and decides to marry her. But they don't live happily ever after; in fact, it's so much more than that.
  • Friend:you mean like The Selection?
  • Me:lol yeah how did you know??