Shyrley Rodriguez photographed by Siyoung Song for W Magazine

Newly graduated from theater school at Rutgers, and a day before turning 22, Shyrley Rodriguez tried out for her first-ever audition and ended up landing the role of Regina, “a fiery wild thing” who’s one of Mylene’s best friends. “It was a nice birthday gift,” she recalled with a laugh. Rodriguez, now 23, had always loved to perform, but growing up in New Jersey, money for voice and dance lessons was scarce. “The Get Down” was her first experience on a set, and it’s one she doesn’t take for granted: “I was blown away by all of it,” she said of filming her first scene at a dinner table with surrounded by the full crew and cameramen. But she soon got comfortable with costars like Jaden Smith: “I even tried to do the breakdancing,” she recalled with a laugh.

I know many of you are starting school again this month (my younger siblings are starting tomorrow), and I feel bad because I hated school with a fiery passion. :))) So I thought I’d create a nice distraction for ya’ll. I made the graphic on microsoft word because I don’t have photoshop don’t hurt me


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anonymous asked:

my SO recently told me that he was frustrated that we haven't had sex yet. i've never been a touchy-felt person, and he said that sex is a really important part of our relationship because we'd get to connect physically. he didn't want to sound shallow, but he really wants to be sexual bc it's important to him. i don't know what to do. asexuality is new to me and i feel like the only solution to "fix" things is for me to just power through it and put out. i feel very broken. any advice?

Do not “power through” sexual situations because you feel like you have too. Like if there was one consent rule I could teach everyone is these sort of thoughts show you don’t want to consent in the first place. And you don’t need to be convinced otherwise. 

What I would suggest if this SO is someone you’d like to keep is figure out your own feelings towards sex and sexual situations. If you don’t know, tell them that you need time to consider it. If you do know, tell them how you feel about it. If they try to convince you otherwise they aren’t listening or respecting you. 

If you feel like honestly trying because you too want to feel closer or don’t mind then go for it. But if you don’t want to, because you don’t want to, it’s not owed to a partner. It’s not owed because they are sexual or it has a meaning to them that it doesn’t to you. -T

i can’t remember the last time i made an actual bias/follow forever list because i’m a bitter binch but here tf i am now. honestly this community has been the best i’ve joined since starting tumblr rp. everyone has been so kind, welcoming, and enthusiastic about writing that it’s contagious. i look forward to reading replies and writing them and just clowning around ooc is a blast. honestly, that’s how rp should be. FUN. but i’m getting ahead of myself. below is a list of people i cannot recommend highly enough. ( blogs placed in chronological order by when i started following them bc i need to be organized & for the sake of sincerity, i’m only including blogs i’ve interacted with or whom i’ve talked to ooc whether on this blog or another. )

@pcrtinax | @wastelandmama | @thesmophorian | @bonafidegrit | @helioshero | @irrhysistable | @cfhyperion | @phasewalkin | @turretxsyndrome | @thesmolhyperion | @hyperiontrxsh | @arielshepard | @dishonorablydashing | @vigiilance | @grishildr | @osmiumthrone | @plasmapriestess | @hardwired-rhys | @sorrowedvigil | @hyperi0ngh0st | @psychotheory | @alluringobsessions | @misskadamifyourenasty | @strickenveteran | @theeternalsun | @bloodthirstygod | @sanctamater | @willbeshot | @cewyll | @negasoniic | @hyperion-wolf | @superiorskill | @siihas | @ignte | @idolbound | @longliivetheking | @unveilingtruth | @txghut | @xsancti | @breakthecutie | @aureasadrisit | @thedestrcyer | @stealhisdeal | @hoggormurinn | @grcndel | @lawbringerkadam | @bloodybluecap | @fraegdulfr | @viilgefortz | @wyntrbones | @foundcities | @ofeldrid | @puckish-rogue | @goodtobejack | @markbringer | @cazadoric | @eridiumnowtalklater | @hyperionceorhysie | @handsomesthero | @imprisonedseirenes | @jarredtears | @savagekiing | @headjacked | @handsomejackhoney | @pandorasgoddamnhero | @alienbound | @neonnoise | @mechrcmancer | @rollingsnowsmasher | @biggerdrake | @aithreachas | @burialscenes | @dreadingeverything | @lutxce | @bluetattooforever | @rockethammerhunter | @aseriousshove | @conborne | @fovghtabear | @balancingpcint | @moonsunandme | @lostfinger | @inkwrittcn | @ladyofvesuvius | @spunstories | @rothull | @volatilebiotic | @blgbad | @incubabe | @crimsonlanced | @jacktraded | @tophats-tits-and-tipjars | @undcne | @eridiumborn | @karalorade | @jcyous | @lostlimb | @gortysactivated | @eridianwatcher | @toerr | @simple-geometry | @vatesvati | @bellcdonna | @supfirehawk | @freedominamixtape | @explodead | @mizunojo | @ozcobblepot | @impxvidus | @technarchist | @rhysinpieces | @jackfromthegrave | @emojiassassin | @despctic | @ampleinnuendo

i just hit my next followers goal  which is absolutely mindblowing and crazy!! huge thank you to everyone who finds my blog pretty and cool enough to follow! and, to celebrate, i decided to do tumblr awards! but since college is hitting me hard in one week, i won’t have much time afterward so this is only 72 hours.


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good luck everyone and thank you for entering <3

The Garden of Earthly Delights: Chapter 8

The Cat throws a grand reopening party to celebrate being free of the plague, and everything seems to be going back to normal. But one of the young courtesans isn’t feeling well, and the diagnosis isn’t good.

Content warning for discussion of reproductive issues.

Tuesday update! I’ll have at least one more of these before the fic is done. Don’t forget Chapter 9 will still be going up on Friday, too.

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