$40 is a lot to some folks
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Mary Roach’s latest book Gulp takes a tour of the human digestive system–including flatulence. In the interview she explains some of the scientific research on toots:

“The man who’s done the most work on flatus — and I counted 34 papers on flatus — Michael Levitt at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis, he was testing a number of products that allegedly remedied noxious flatus — that noxious smell. He was testing pads you can put in your underwear. There’s elasticized underwear; there are pills you can take; there is actually a remedy — there’s something called Devrom, which is an internal deodorant. … However, I spoke to one gastroenterologist [and] I asked him about this and he said, ‘You know, when I get someone who comes in and is complaining about noxious flatus, I tell them: Just get a dog.’ In other words, so you can blame the dog.”

Gulp comes out in paperback in April.