Shall I compare the to a Summers day?

“Well thinking about it your more winter and storms” he said

“Oh well thanks for that, Ill just go cook up a storm shall I, Spag Bol dear?” I asked him

“Um only if you use my recipe, the one WITH the celery… your not going to use my recipe are you? The puppy eyes were out, the sad face he gives when the world is not going his way

“No dear I thought we’d try my recipe” Oh god the little shit was giving it his best performance 

“but as you seem so against the idea.” I felt  like I was about to commit treason by not doing his recipe

“Ill do my Mac and cheese you love so much, OK?”

“Ok” came the sullen reply him still looked like a smacked puppy.

“Maybe a pudding for after, would help cheer you up?” I said with as much sarcasm as I could muster, knowing full well what he was after.

“Now you’re talking, How about your mums recipe for that sponge pudding, the steamed one she calls Red Cap?” and his eyes lit up.

“If it stops you sulking Ill do it.” The trouble with living with a actor is you never quite know when you are being had. I could hear him now as he wondered off to his office to answer his mail, whistling happily.

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Can half of a Tom Hiddleston get half of a million notes?

Probably not?🤔

I can dream