I missed sketching portraits so much! I haven’t even doodled Riddle once in the last two weeks!

So, in order of appearance:

Theo Nott - I love to imagine him as a weedy but still very hot guy, especially when he smiles. To the stranger he appears like an arrogant loner, but in reality he’s just a shy Slytherin ♥

Harry Potter - I imagine his hair is way messier than this, but I kind of liked this hairstyle. I might draw him with longer hair next time.

Luna Lovegood - She’s not as loony as before, I imagine her to be more mature now… but her earrings are still the same.

Severus Snape - Okay, I know that people are probably thinking ‘naah, that guy looks way too young’ and that they are not going to like nor share my mental image of him. For how much I love Alan Rickman as Sev in the films, the Severus Snape of the books is still a “young” character in his late thirties. So, yes, long black hair, a crooked nose and definitely less wrinkles about his face.

Aaand, yes, these quick sketches are the prelude of something. Something fun! I will tell you more in a later post, accompanied by other sketches. Just know that this may or may not have something to do with Dark Games.


Al Carlisle being interviewed for the upcoming documentary, “Theodore” :

5 hours later and we are starting to wrap our first filmed interview with Dr. Al Carlisle; Ted Bundy’s psychologist in the Utah state prison. As I sat and asked the questions, it still wasn’t hitting me as to what we were doing here today.
That moment changed when I asked him to speak directly into the camera and tell me who Ted Bundy was to him today… Needless to say, tears were rolling down my face and I think it will happen to you too… Stay tuned..
” (x)

forceofconviction  asked:

The little Maltese Ted is adorable! Does he also belong to you or did a friend bring him over?

Teddy is a tiny fur tsunami who belongs to my parents and whose hobbies include: doing that appeasement smile thing when he’s excited, licking his pillow repeatedly and passionately, forcibly shoving his way into bathrooms as self-appointed supervisor, presenting humans with loud lists of demands, and flirting awkwardly with Priya but getting angry if she touches him. He is a Good Boy.

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Fiona and Theodore!
Also this is Anthony (you..Might know him on the other blog xD)
He’s a mayor of a neighboring county next to the one Theodore runs, he a kind and very open-minded leader and holds cats and big cats at the same level (unlike most lion mayors..)
He’s very peppy, out going, loves culture but stubborn and thinks he’s right about everything sometimes..Most of the time he is so.