Derek Jeter is retiring after the 2014 season. Farewell to The Captain!

After breaking Lou Gehrig’s record for most career hits at Yankee Stadium, Jeter raises his batting helmet in a show of appreciation to the fans. Sept. 16, 2008. Photo: Barton Silverman, The New York Times

Photo from Derek Jeter: From the pages of The New York Times

of suitors and princes | the golden empire verse

By evening, the honored guests have arrived to the Golden Empire for the eve of the Summer Moon- as the first full moon rises into the night sky of Homeland at midnight, the beloved kingdom’s prince shall reach his 15th Summer, marking his entrance into young adulthood. And it was tradition to invite neighboring kingdoms to attend a night-long feast and party to celebrate the mark, and bring forth potential suitors to win the emperor’s heir hand in marriage.

Even if Zen himself already has a betrothed written in paper since his birth, the empire’s council thought it would be fun to see these suitors win the heir’s hand. Zen thinks it’s all ridiculous, but who is to listen to a 15 year old boy’s comments on customs? His father merely tells him to smile and be nice to the guests.

Zen huffed behind the veil covering half his face (yet another custom to preserve the heir’s purity). He sat beside his father’s vacant chair at the front of the throne room, the emperor himself had to attend matters confidential from the prince. The view before him was grand of course, delegations and royalties of different cultures and kingdoms mingle and enjoying the cool summer breeze passing through the open tall windows. The empire palace truly lived up to its name, on how the halls are painted in various shades of red and gold, with tapestries decorating the high walls and stairs. It could be said the same with the priceless ceramic pots and statues placed throughout the halls and rooms.

“My lord, please reduce your fussing and sit still. It is almost time for you to meet the guests and their emissaries,” his governess chided him, fixing the robes he wore for the fourth time as the Golden Empire’s own spokesperson approaches the prince with a nervous smile.

“Everything must be perfect tonight. His highness must perform greatly to gain more trading chances and alliances for the empire!” He says, though Zen merely rolled his eyes as little as he could and nods, signaling to begin the introductions. Anything as long as his father is pleased, he silently thinks to himself.


For the better part of two decades I got to photograph the captain. Before he received that title he was just a young kid wearing #2 playing shortstop just a few years younger than me. We went through some great times together, 5 Championships, a couple of Perfect Games, closed the old Yankee Stadium and spent many exciting nights hanging on 161st street. Derek got most of the fame and money, I walked away with a great collection of photographs. When he walked alone around the stadium last Thursday night after another I can’t believe that happened moment, I would be lying if I was to say I wasn’t a little choked up. 

It really didn’t hit me until September rolled around and it was obvious the Yankees weren’t making the playoffs, that this was it. When we started this run, I had no grey hair, my back never hurt and I could throw a football 50 yards. Over the last few weeks I got to shoot a good amount of Yankee games for ESPN the Magazine, Major League Baseball and Sports Illustrated, as the end grew near, I was just hoping to make a couple of nice frames that would finish the story. 

I was very satisfied with the way it ended for both of us. Derek walked away from the game just like everyone hoped he would. I walked away with probably my best set of images of an athlete over an entire career. Seems like a good deal to me.

Here’s a couple of links to more images and a great read by J.R. Moehringer for ESPN the Magazine

Derek Jeter - The Final Curtain

The Final Walk-Off


Captain turned 14 months on Saturday, I cannot believe how big he is. I really need to measure him because a couple of weeks ago his 18 months pants were a little too long and now they fit perfectectly! Anyway so, to celebrate we went to the aquarium with him for the first time. That was fun, he was a little intimidated at first but then really liked it, especially the jellyfishes. On our way out we stopped by the gift shop for a souvenir, even though we said we should stop buying new toys because be has far to many but that was a special occasion (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). Captain immediately leant towards a penguin stuffed toy, and then kept hugging it tight, how could we resist that much cuteness!
Yesterday we just enjoyed spending time outside, which resulted in new stuff for my boy again. New shoes, a blazer, books and cute bookends. I also got him a tambourine and maracas, which my wife says I will regret, she’s probably right, we’ll see. In the evening it was raining so the wife and I caught up with OITNB, we’re almost done.
I will write another post about everything Captain learned in this past month, he keeps impressing me, I just love this kid so damn much.

My rejects platter. The perks of being a baker… #CUPCAKES Inly 5 of the 6 flavours I made. From the top going clockwise, Nutella, Devils Food Cake, Rainbow w/Nutella centre, Very Vanilla, and Jam Donut. Missing is ‘Snow White’ (because #thecaptain ate it for breakie) #cupcakes #baking #soyummy #soproud #LSB

Carving a hanging driftwood toucan this afternoon and turn around to see cap'n had jumped up on my work bench. So naturally I grabbed the captains hat in the corner and put it on him. #vizsla #funnydog #thecaptain #tikitony

Man, life really has changed!

Last Friday I was talking to a friend and said that I would probably spend my weekend binge-watching Orange Is The New Black. Like everyone, I was so excited about it. So far, we’ve seen 3 episodes, THREE!! My younger, TV junkie self would be so disappointed in me. I used to be really into fandoms, live tweet with my buddies, have an Harry Potter marathon just because I felt like it, multiple times a year. Now, I barely watch live television anymore, but you know what, I don’t even mind at all! I had such an amazing weekend. Even though Saturday, Captain had a fever. It’s a first, he’s never been sick before so we were a little taken back by it, then discovered his 7th tooth cut through. He was still his usual smiley self, running around and eating normally so we just gave him something for the fever and headed out. We spent most of those 2 days out, the weather was gorgeous, perfect for wearing him. We had fun, he had fun, he got spoiled as always. Wife got him a vintage record player that she had when she was a kid and loved, well Captain loves it too, he will dance to the tunes, especially Hickory Dickory Dock for some reason. She got me a new laptop, so, I was spoiled too. We had all of our meals outside, it was just so great to spend all this time together with the 2 people I love the most.
I got him those cute minions boxers and wow he looks like such a little man wearing underwear, I swear he’s grown overnight again. Also on Saturday he figured out how to say our dog’s name (Lilo) so now he calls her all day long, it’s so stinking cute and hilarious. Sure, I sometimes miss the days where I could lay in bed all day with a book and just read it til the end but I wouldn’t change my life for one bit!
Still, I really have to catch up with those episodes though, I don’t like to feel left out and spoilers are everywhere!