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heyo, lately i've been suffering awful depressions that cause me insomnia and tiredness at once. i always feel the need to cry and i am just so tired of everything ... mostly depressed because of my looks. sometimes it just happens to me that i just skip school or try to avoid going outside or i hide my face in public places.. is there something you could write about best? something like helping their girlfriends deal with this.. i don't know i can't write prompts or anything.. hahaha sorry

Title: He just held you closer.
Pairing/Relationship: All members x Reader
Rating: G
Warnings: Depression, self-image issues
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Type: Oneshot 

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Dearest Nonnie-chan–I FEEL YOU. We are together on a deeply spiritual level here–not even joking! I am so sorry you struggle with these feelings. I wanted to send you encouragement through this story. I hope you feel my love through the words, and I hope you know that I really do believe this. Every word, everything I wrote–I believe our boys would be this way.

Love you always and forever!!! 

Mod J

Please note:

I wrote this story a little differently than normal. I intended to write a story for each of the members, however, as I wrote it, I realized there REALLY were only a few parts of the story that would be different for each member. I wrote the story to fit ALL of the members because I sincerely think it does! After the story, I provide headcanons for what I think would be unique to each member in this situation. 


I did the members of 7 as well! MMMWAH!

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How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 2

Yamada: a normal person would use it like this…but Kamenashi-kun will be on this side

HSJ: not from the back?



Yamada: I really hope Kamenashi-kun doesn’t see this.


Last year’s How would Kamenashi Kazuya use a chair? part 1

Hey! Say! Jump | Over The Top PV 

 In true Hey! Say! Jump style, with amazing choreography! and their very own “Formation Change” choreography style. I really enjoyed this song! its an opening for an anime, and I really felt its something anyone can enjoy! It has that very addictive beat! and it just makes you want to dance! I can’t wait to see it live! I know it will be explosive!

Happy 10th anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 this single is a really an apt 1st single for their 10th year! 

Hey! Say! Jump | Funky Time PV

I love the song and music video, it just makes you feel so happy and my smile just never ceased the whole time. It’s so genuine! the boys just having fun and playing! Everything just feels so natural. 

Happy 10th Anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 thank you for existing!

New mood board. 

It’s D, because of course. This secret cinnamon marshmallow edgelord and his smug grin has ruined me. My god, how he has ruined me, and I love it °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Various pieces of D from some of my fav people: Yoshitaka Amano, Saiko Takaki, Michael Broussard, Artgerm, and Yoshiaki Kawajiri.