There are some K Idols out there who seem like the softest&purest thing on earth with their angelic smiles but when they’re on stage they’re like wild f**kin beasts..Like damn give it a rest i wasn’t prepared

Taeyeon Hair Timeline July 2015-March 2017

I only wanted to do this because I JUST realized that my lovely Taeyeon poster hanging on the wall from her “My Voice” album that I just got last week featured her with short blonde hair even though it’s been literally ages since it’s been that short.

SNSD Comeback - Party

I haven’t followed Taeyeon’s hair that closely before this point but she’s clearly blonde with a pink ombre. It’s around medium-long length.

Lion Heart era

At this point when Lion Heart was filmed, released, and promoted, Taeyeon had full blonde hair & it was long. I have to assume it remains this way until her next promotion because I can’t find much on her hair in between the Lion Heart era & her solo debut

Solo Debut “I”

It was filmed in New Zealand & seeing how the length and color don’t differ too much from July (Lion Heart) to I (October) in 2015, this could’ve been done any time in between.

TTS Dear Santa

At this point it’s quite obvious her hair is much longer than it was in I & Lion Heart meaning so far her hair’s been pretty linear. This can probably be confirmed by Tiffany & Seohyun’s hairstyle as well.

SM Station Rain

If anyone else remembers, Taeyeon’s short hair shows up on her Instagram in the middle of January

I read somewhere she said the dying process or something like that didn’t go correctly so she had to cut it all off. Shortly after, SM released the first SM Station song, Rain.

Why era

When she started to promote Why, it actually hadn’t occurred to me that her hairstyle for the time made absolutely no sense. There was no way her hair could grow out from being just around her chin to being back to “I” length.

Now, there are clearly two parts to her Why promotions that were filmed at different times. In some photos she’s seen with long blonde braids but in some others, it is much shorter & more fitting to the natural timeline her hair would’ve grown out in.


Since Starlight & Why came out almost simultaneously, it becomes more obvious that the MVs and photoshoots for these two weren’t done at the same time but rather, probably over a long period of time. In the Starlight MV she’s seen to have short silver/blonde hair which may look like the short hair in Why but I’d argue is actually shorter than it was for the short hair in Why.

This is when it starts to get confusing. During the Why promotions as well as the release for the dance version of Why, she’s seen to have very Starlight-like hair.


Now it’s quite obvious Taeyeon’s hair has grown out from July when it was shoulder length & has gone back to being a dark color.

I Got Love

A few months later (or any time between Feburary 2017 & November 2016), the MV & photoshoot concept for I Got Love was released. So far this is still in linear succession to her last hair style. She is seen, however to have generally straight across bangs.


Fine confuses me. It’s why I even decided to write this whole thing in the first place. In the music video & on her Instagram, there’s no doubt her hair is still the long brown color, however the peculiar part of the Fine era is that the jacket photo for the “Fine” version of her album showcases her with short blonde hair again. Also in the Fine MV, it’s clear her bangs are a bit longer than they were in I Got Love.

This hair length is shorter than it was in Why & Starlight which means this photoshoot was probably done shortly after her haircut in February 2016.

This takes us to present day.

So by release timeline it looks something like this:

Party, Lion Heart, I, Dear Santa, Rain, Starlight, Why, 11:11, I Got Love, Fine.

But by hair timeline it looks something more like this:

Party, Lion Heart, I, Why long hair, Dear Santa, Rain, Fine photoshoot, Starlight, Why promotions, 11:11, I Got Love, Fine MV.

Okay….that’s all….only I would do something like this, dear god.

This was my favourite one, though.

I’m honestly crying do you guys even SEE how ridiculous this is? BTS got TWO ROOFHITS and an ALLKILL and suddenly Melon wants to change their entire system?? Meanwhile BIG BANG has THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ROOFHITS and Melon didn’t care???

The Big 3 are not trying to sabotage BTS you guys need yo get your heads out of your asses tbvh it’s embarrassing at the point, YG, SM, and JYP have better things to do than go after a single boy group. Hello?? SM has SNSD, EXO, TVXQ, SHINEE, SJ, ETC– Taeyeon ALONE creates more roofhits than all of BTS’ releases combined. JYP has TWICE, whose had Perfect Allkill after Perfect Allkill. YG has Big Bang, Winner, and Ikon + newly added Black Pink all who have done great digitally. AKMU alone EXCEEDS all roofits you an think of. For the last time, melon changing their system is because they no longer want fans to manipulate their charts by spamming, creating fake accounts, and streaming with playlists, using bots, and buying streams etc. They have to preserve their reputability. 

Same with Youtube. You really think youtube wouldn’t notice that 800 K OUT OF A MILLION COMMENTS and THIRTY MILLION VIEWS were SPAM, yes SPAM, a result of using bots, buying views, mass streaming and methods of inflation which Youtube does not allow for ANY artists on youtube. Inflated numbers and records aren’t something to take pride in because at the end of the day the system WILL recognize that someone is manipulating stats, and they WILL fix it. That’;s what happened here and it’s just the normal way to do things. No one actually gives that much of a shit to feel the need to constantly be out to get you– it’s just how the world works and the sooner some of you realize this the sooner you’ll save the rest of us from this embarrassing delusional mess.