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INFINITE SNL 2016.10.22 omgggggg (non-spoiler) commentary

i’m fuckin’ dying omggggggg iiiiiinnnfffiiiiiinnniiiiiiiiiiiitttteee!!! this morning has been a mess of me flailing, actually screaming, and clapping like a seal on crack omg. i won’t give any spoilers because a lot of the hilarity lies in the surprise/plot twists, but i need to express my love for infinite!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAA IN.FI.NI.TE!!!!!!!

-the boys seemed so legit excited to be on snl so that was a sweet way to start the show :)

-i actually didn’t laugh for the first half? of the show, i was more inwardly…amused i guess.

-but dongwoo and sungyeol’s 3 minute boyfriend skits made me LOL so hard omg these kidssssss

-myungsoo’s 3 min bf skit just made me scream like the sad fangirl i am. like it was ridiculous, but seeing myungsoo acting like that with the face he has just made me melt…i know. i’m pathetic…i have to admit it now ㅠㅠ i am ashamed…

-the first skit sunggyu was in was actually kinda sad because it’s actually pretty accurate…like that’s how families back then and families now are a lot of the time. the portrayals felt pretty familiar to me, you know?

-woohyun and myungsoo’s skit…omg i was screaming so loud my brother came to check on me lol. like, i don’t scream when i watch tv. but i think infinite on snl provoked it in me because this kind of show requires the actors/comedians to completely let go of their pride, image, and shame for the sake of the laughs, you know? so seeing the boy like this just - KYAAAAAAAAAAAA. >.< lol i loved it!! plus i was laughing hysterically lol. and plus they’re hot as fuck lol.

-kim myungsoo face appreciation life - the title of my book coming out 2k18

-like myungsoo purposely acting with bravado and lead actor syndrome (acting overly “cool” and “hot”) is still really hot idk i can’t - get out

-i have nothing to say about sungjong except…he really is a terrible, terrible actor lol like- the worst i’ve seen LOL poor kid ㅠㅠ

-omg…it’s the end??? omg you guys…sungyeol and hoya barely came out…wtf…the two guys who could’ve given a really good show…wtf.

-i still really enjoyed it, but man…coming to the end only to find out sungyeol and hoya aren’t in any more skits kinda…hm.

-i’m proud of the boys, they put on a really good show imo and i laughed really hard and i really needed that today. i feel ready to go back to doing my hw!! i’m gonna have my bro dl it if he can and IF I HAVE TIME (aka if i get my hw done) i’ll try to sub my favorite parts for you guys ooooh~ hehe