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INFINITE trying to act cool... being their wonderful selves


Lip biting. 


Whatever he’s doing seems to be working. 


Right through the heart. 


He tries but just stays cute usually. 


He can act cool of he has to!


The one eye, his go to cool pose. 


The sunglasses do the trick.

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Infinite 24 Hours Special Message Translation - [Sungyeol]

Hello. It’s Sungyeol.
Were you  surprised that my voice came out?
You are all very lucky to have the Sungyeol CD in your hand.
First of all, I would say that through this song you can see how much I’ve matured.
I finished recording on the first try,
I sang with the thought that I wanted to give you all a perfected song.
I feel that I got better than I did before. Please expect a lot for me.
I will be a more hardworking Sungyeol so please continue loving me.
Everyone, I love you.

[kor. source & pic. source - Meilife (click links)]