Choose your own ending: Hyung Line edition

Scenario: you’re at a frat party when you are given three options for your night. But who will you choose: Sunggyu, Dongwoo or Woohyun? It’s up to you!

You really, really hated these stupid frat parties that your friend always dragged you to. You weren’t even in any sorority and this party lifestyle they all seemed to have irritated you no end. You honestly felt like you’d be much, much happier staying in and watching some crappy TV alone in your dorm room. But unfortunately, you’d been forced into attending yet another one.

One plus side was that this just so happened to be a party at the frat house one of your friends had joined and it meant you could hang out with him for a bit. It had been way too long since you’d seen Woohyun, and once you arrived you set it as your mission to track him down as soon as possible and scam a drink from him.

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Top Ten (very difficult, breaking your brain) biases tag LOL!

I was commanded lol jk tagged by @shinwhoohoo aka one ShadyQueen <3

I really never even know my top ten biases until now and damn I got headache to sort and find those rofl. And finding my favourite pictures was lol …. Yeah, I’m a damn Infinite trash as it seems, I’m pretty sure if it was a top 20 thingy all Infinite members would make it on the list lol. I was actually quiete close to kick Moon and put Chodingyeol on this top list already haha 

OK , here are my top ten biases: (akas from me or how I see them haha) 

Woohyun of Infinite aka Namgrease, Nampabo, (self-proclaimed) husband of all inspirits, Namstar, Namu, Aegyo-obsessed, fanservice lv: cringy lol 

L/Myungsoo of Infinite aka Visual Level L (every random photo turns into a literal damn poster lol), Visual wall, dimplepowa, cute af, black obsession 

Sunggyu of Infinite aka Leadergyu, grandpagyu, tsunderegyu, the witty geniusgyu, king of exaggerated expressions,  stan attractor + fandomexit blocker, eye jokes, the sexy eyeliner gyu 

Daehyun of B.A.P aka blackhole (he’s eating non-stop, loves and lives for food lol), foodpabo, sunnyboy, did I mentioned sexy lips? LOL, visucal 

Minhyuk of Monsta X aka puppy, ball of sunshine; part-time short, precise and funny english translator 

Youngjae of B.A.P aka sass, brain, nice guy lol, daejae 4ever 

Sungjong of Infinite aka Lemoncandy boy (this will probably hunt him for the rest of his life), too fab for this world (fabbest Idol or even person to me), pretty (that he makes you cry), Maknae on Top, crazy S-line, Sungjongie 

Jinyoung of B1A4 aka composerdol, grandpadol no.2, handsome arctic fox, tripple threat (singing, composing, acting:yeah lets not forget songwrtting etc)

Jackson of GOT7 aka sexy & WILD, (literal last name lol ) King of variety, unstoppable (loud) with Bambam (/dabdab lol), markson 

Moonchul of Royal Pirates aka underrated (RP are so underrated), chill, fun, belongs to the weird foreigner line for me lol, mr. chill and optimistic?, giving the playboy vibe though lol 

I’m going to tag: @leesungjongg @dimple-soo @puppynamu @bap93 @leaolivia @tangerinatantan @youre-my-cover-boy @yooneroos @squishymyungsoo @chickenyeol (just curious XD lol ofc you guys do not need to do it XDD just love to tag ppl hahah )