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Cooler Than Me - Mike Posner covered by Sterling Beaumon and DK


When I first saw “Stuck in Love”, I thought the people in pic #1 were the actors: Sterling Beaumon and Madeline Carroll. It was actually the people in pic #2: Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato. I’m absolutely convinced that the respectively-gendered actors in both pics are twins. They may not look EXACTLY alike, but they’re both similar in behavior (or at least in the way they act).

…or I could just be crazy.

Being a teenager is… difficult. Growing up and trying to fit in while navigating the halls of high school is an experience everyone around the world can relate to. At times this struggle is humorous, exhilarating, painful, inspiring and sometimes it’s even heart-breaking.

SENIOR PROJECT is an indie comedy written by Jeremy Lin, a 16-year-old secondary school student in Hong Kong. It is based on his school experiences, and is about five teenagers who cram a year-long senior project into one last crazy weekend. It’s SUPERBAD meets BREAKFAST CLUB. The movie is currently in pre-production, and we are raising funds for it on Kickstarter.

“Senior Project” is due for a Spring 2014 release, starring: Ryan Potter, Kyle Massey, Lana McKissack, Sterling Beaumon, Meaghan Martin, Lynn Telzer, Margaret Cho, Vanessa Marano & more. 

Family Template - Taylor Momsen - Actual Age: 19 - Could Play 16-21

Mother: Cate Blanchett - Actual Age: 43 - Could Play 39-47

Father: Aaron Eckhart - Actual Age: 44 - Could Play 40-45

Younger Brother: Sterling Beaumon - Actual Age: 17 - Could Play 15-18

Older Sister: Emily VanCamp - Actual Age: 26 - Could Play 23-30

Older Brother: Sterling Knight - Actual Age: 23 - Could Play 18-25

Fraternal Twin/Older Sister: Hayden Panettiere - Actual Age: 22 - Could Play 18-24