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Pentagon Reaction to you usually being cute but having a sexy performance on stage

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Hui: Tbh he was busy judging your singing to notice your performance       Backstage after your performance: *lecturing you about your singing*

Hui: Hey y/n you did a great job out but during your solo you were a little off key, so I am going to coach from now on.

You: *thinking back to the last time he tried to coach you and the huge fight you got into and stop talking to each other for like a month*                  “you know I think it would be best if I do this myself it could help me grow as a singer” 

You make up some random excuse so you guys don't have to go through that again.

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Jinho: Hein be would be giggling and laughing because he felt awkward, he had never seen this side of you before.

Kino: You’re really enjoying the performance, huh? *weird look*

Jinho: No this is just weird; do you think it’s weird? 

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Hongseok: He would just be really confused

“She was doing agyeo like 2 minutes ago,. Does she have a split personality?” 

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Shinwon: He is actually enjoying the performance and he is happy to see a different side of you. He’s is also happy that you are comfortable with the concept and you don’t feel uncomfortable.

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Yanan: *gif* he is just so cute ahhhhhhhhh!

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Yeo One: He would just be questioning everything and he doesn't get how he never saw how sexy you are.

*in his head* “What is happening? What is she wearing? has she always been this sexy and I've never noticed? Am I not a good boyfriend? What is life even?”

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Yuto: Honestly he did realize it was you up there until tour solo came on and he recognized your voice.

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E’Dawn: Like Hongseok he would be really confused.

E’Dawn: *babbling to himself* “Why is she like this? She was just making me look at cat videos with her. Now I feel like I am watching one of Hyuna subnae’s performances.”

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Wooseok: Y/N are you gonna dress like that all the time now. Well, I already intimidate a lot of guys with my height so you could if you want to but I want the old y/n back.

to say the least you would have to spend the next hour explain that this was just a concept and you were really changing.

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Kino: Dancing along to your performance and actually really enjoying it.

“That's my girl!”

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i imagined mo guan shan preparing the lunch for the boys and i realize that he should look so cute while he was cooking! Could you do it? please please please pleaaaseeeeee 🙏

Did you say “cute”? 

srry for art delay

i was planning on uploading art 

but my precious baby crashed

because naturally windows had to be a shitstick and randomly decide to force upon me 191 updates (with them being disable by me in the first place, shoulda know that microsoft wouldn’t give a flyin fuck bout that)
just to crash after restart.

kernel failure, a 0.2 secs bluescreen with the interesting content of basically ‘we don’t fucking know what happend but it isn’t working’
so i had to basically take apart my pc (well, more than normally. took the opportunity to upgrade a few things) and hook up my harddrive to my roommates pc to save ma files. buuut he fucked up partitioning when installing windows so we ended up having to fix that first.

now im stuck with win 10. fuckin sux. but sadly linux only isn’t an option for me atm so im os two timing now i guess

but hey, my sweet precious, precious baby is up an running again
 i’m so glad

and art will come Soon™

Yay! Another 5 mins daily drabble! I really need to start those when I have time… anyways, you guys have fun with it!

Rated: K

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: fluff/humour

Word Count: 295

“You had a crush on… who?!”

Lucy cringed at the strength of Gray and Natsu’s voices as they questioned her, only finding herself capable of blushing bright scarlet and smiling nervously.

“On Erza,” she mumbled, stealing a quick glance at the blushing woman. “I had a crush on Erza…”

The scarlet woman shuffled closer to her, face crimson as her hair. “L-lucy, I-m sorry,” she stuttered. “I n-never imagined…”

Lucy shot her a sheepish look. “Don’t be! That was a long time ago!”

“Still,” gray said, placing a hand on her shoulder with a nod. “It’s okay. We just never thought you were into… blades…”

Both women’s ears seemed to let out smoke. “No!” Lucy flailed her arms in denial. “Nothing like that! Just… I was new to the guild and… y’know…”

This time, Natsu was the one to speak up. His voice seemed rather… indigenous–angry, even. “That’s not okay! Erza is like a beast! A savage animal!”

“Excuse me?” Erza glared at him, but Natsu, for the first time, did not even flinch, his gaze locked on the blonde.

“N-natsu!” Lucy backed away from him slightly. “Why are you even reacting like this…?”

:Because!” he snapped, tugging at his hair in frustration as he began pacing. “You’re Lucy!”

Lucy blinked up at him. “And?”

“You’re weird!” was he response.

“You’ve lost me.” Lucy stated bluntly. “You’re not making sense.”

Natsu took a deep breath before speaking. “It’s not supposed to be Erza and Lucy–it’s supposed to be Natsu and Lucy!”

The guild was overtaken by a pregnant silence, the thud of a coin falling to the ground heard in the background. Natsu and Lucy instantly cringed at the look of mischief crossing all of their guildmates as they spoke similar words.

“You like each other~!”

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Which one is kelly and which one is conrad? Also what happens in the other aus that change the appearance?

here come the special boys…..!! kelly is mine and conrad belongs to @sickingstar :3

we’re pretty lenient with our AUs and the designs we use for them! pictured above are their Canon designs in their mafia AU story (kelly and conrad are AU versions of eli and kodi that got extremely out of hand bc we love them), then theres stuff like betrothed au where its more ancient fantasy based and kelly is a mtf princess, so her design is pretty wildly different just bc her life is so different from Original kelly! so, we have, a lot of different AUs where there are a lot of different kellys and conrads and we cant stop, please help