Tumblr fans and other citzens, you can stop guessing!  I have figured it out!  Nna Leckie’s new book is entitled SIGCIFINANCE, as clearly evidenced by this exclusive leaked cover image complete with testimony from Translator Spliin!

A very fine collection of words if I do say so myself,
which, I believe, probably, I do.

So happy to put this mystery conclusively to rest, and very excited to see if other parts of the cover released by orbiting publishers are for this same book, or perhaps another book entirely!

anonymous asked:

Heels... on the beach? Wouldn't it sink through the sand though?

Ah my dear anon

there are many types of heels

I wear these babies to the beach my dude

here’s my take on it ,she aint just standing, she’s entering,

it is a novella called “Deadly Welcome” after all!

I do love all the commotion that this cover has caused though lmao 

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