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Harry putting headphones on your baby bump and making little sprout listen to his single and asking if he likes it

I was going to queue this one up but I’m going to go ahead and post this now… also, @aqua-harry look, they’re talking about your little sprout. 

What if you hadn’t even heard it yet? What if you’re kind of ticked off cause every day he comes home with that damn iPod and every day he puts it in his office? And then one day he shows up and plops down in bed next to you with it in his hand and he’s spreading some headphones and positioning them on your belly and you’re all, “Harry, what are you–?”

“Shh, love,” he soothes you. “We’re having a listening party.”

“Of– of your song?” You’re indignant, and a little uncomfortable, and you’re frowning so hard, but he looks perfectly innocent as his thumb hovers above the ancient click wheel. 


You can’t help it, you’re so annoyed, and you’ve got all these hormones that don’t help. “Harry!” 


“I haven’t even heard it!”

“Well…” He frowns a little bit, bottom lip jutting out a bit as he tosses this around in his head. “S’just… can’t exactly do anything if they don’t like it, can they?”

You’re still tearing up – you’re still angry and emotional – but there it is. If he plays it for you and you don’t like it, you either have to scramble to fib or tell him the truth. The baby is a safe way to share, and when he taps the wheel at last and you can kind of hear the sound through the headphones (just a bit), and he presses his ear to your belly so his face is turned away, you know he’s sharing with both of you.

When it’s over and he lifts his head up, rubbing your belly, he asks, “What’d you think?” and if it’s a slip of the tongue he covers it up with, “D’you think he likes it?”

You rub the back of his unruly head of hair and nod a bit. “Think he gave a few kicks, yeah,” you say and you see his shoulders relax before he nods. 

“S’my boy,” he says proudly before bending and kisses your stomach in a way that lets you know he’s kissing both the baby and you. 

awkward paradox, part 2

As a followup to my post about the onion sprouting on my kitchen counter, I’d like to share the photo I took of said onion:

It started out curled over because of the way it was sitting on the counter, but I set it upright and now it’s starting to straighten out towards the light. Poor thing. It has a sibling that’s a little bit smaller. Once it gets warmer out, I’ll plant them outside and see what happens.