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1. Buff mun is best mun. 2. How much does Liadrin trust Sylvanas, and how much do you think will change once Liadrin finds out about the "bargain" between her and Helya?

o-oh goodness, ty anon, you’re making me blush

To answer your question, Liadrin has a lot of MIXED feelings about the Banshee Queen. She respects the hell out of her, seeing how Liadrin was there when she was the Ranger General of Quel’Thalas - Liadrin was a witness to Banshee-Sylvanas as she was forced to attack her own people during the invasion of Quel’Thalas as well. FFS Liadrin forced one of her high commanding knights to be an Ambassador for Undercity so obviously she holds Syl in high regards. You see, there are few Quel’dorei/Sin’dorei women in the lore with a lot of power - Sylvanas ( granted, she is undead ), Liadrin, Vereesa… And yeah, that’s about it. So now that Sylvanas is also WARCHIEF, Liadrin’s respect for her has went through the roof.

Liadrin has also been a witness to the Dark Lady’s loyalties, this is true. The Forsaken pay their debts. The Forsaken did NOT have to help the Sin’dorei in the Ghostlands, but they did - more than likely due to Sylvanas’ “soft spot” for the people that were once her own. It is fair to say Liadrin probably holds a decent amount of trust in the new Warchief when you look at the whole picture.

THAT BEING SAID - I can honestly say I am not sure how much that trust would be altered at the news of such a bargain. Personally, Liadrin understands what it is like to be willing to do ANYTHING to save your people… But as a leader, a religious one at that, she would question such methods… ESPECIALLY at a time such as this one??? The Lady of Light would definitely have a LOT of questions…

fic: the dice were loaded against us (ever seeing each other) (kurt/blaine)

For Prompt 3 from todaydreambelievers.  Five times Kurt and Blaine almost meet, before Never Been Kissed, and the one time they finally do.  //  Title from the Mountain Goats’ song “Snow Owl.”  //  Warnings for description of aftermath of canonical gaybashing (Sadie Hawkins).  //  PG, ~2400 words, also here on AO3.

they’ve always lived in the same place, in so many ways.


Kurt bargained with his father for weeks.  It used to be so much easier; when he was in elementary school, his Dad would take him to almost anything, but in the last couple of  years… something’s changed.  Now his Dad always seems to want him to “do things like the other kids do” - and even “play with some other kids” - doing what!?  "Go outside, throw a ball around, catch a movie.“  Supposedly.  With whom, he doesn’t know.  Eventually he agreed to go throw the ball by himself, and he’s gotten really good at catching it these last couple weeks, up to twenty-eight claps while it’s still up in the air.

And now he’s sitting in the Playhouse Theatre, in Cleveland, bouncing in his seat, impatient for the chance to see not just Legally Blonde but also! two! of the finalists! from the dramatic The Search for Elle Woods.

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Swen, CS'ers, rumbellers,OQ'ers and everyone else in the fandom who are not homophobic

You can ship whatever you want but can we all agree that rubyslippers was NOT a good lgbt representation. It was a first step yes. And yes it was also cute and god bless meghan ory and Teri they did a great job with what they had. But the lgbt community waited 5 years for a fairy tale, we waited 5 long years to get a fairytale where we could see that our love and relationships are just as important and valid as straight couples.
It was really dissapointing to see that the first queer fairytale was done so rushed and undeveloped. And lets be real we will probably never see them again.

I am a SQ shipper but if they had given 2 other queer characters time to develop and let me feel the chemisty i would have been so happy! I am not saying the lgbt couple should have been SQ,i am just asking for development between 2 queer characters even if it would not have been SQ.

Anyway i feel happy to know that there are fans/shippers from the CS,OQ,snowing and rumbelle fandom that support the lgbt community and realise that this was really unfair for us.

So thank you guys, your support really means so much