god like ive debated using he/him pronouns bc i like them but like people already like to assume that im a man and people only seem to believe the “pronouns /= gender” thing when they want to get sj gold star points

170727 SMTOWN Tokyo - SooYoung’s (hotsootuff) IG story video with Super Junior :)

All the way to the lift:

DH: aaahhhh arhhhhh ahhhh
YS: come on yo come on
EH / SD: SuperJunior3x aksjdhslahaalshs

* Yesung told the guy to close the lift quickly and they leave Heechul *

HC: “I’m okay” xD

cr : SJnELFamily@twitter , HyukMoon 8844@youtube

170727 Yesung’s IG Live with Hyukjae, Donghae & Shindong from backstage of SMTOWN Japan ~

on the video;

Donghae: *eating banana* Everyone told me not to put my hair up but I still did 😛😛😛

Yesung: But you look good like this tho.

Hyuk: *wearing his pants* ahh wait!

Yesung: Why why it might be popular.

Hyuk: I’m confident but they might be shocked so 😂

trans: teukables