[SG verse] Day 6

Garen had lied. He was not with harmless “friends” like he pretended, but he had a kind of date with Katarina in the park. Obviously, the boy did not know about his crush’s super powers, same for the Star Guardian leader living in his own house. Lux stayed speechless but would have stormed in if she had not to remain calm for the sake of her cover. But this sight was unbearable and she turned off and returned home.

DOTE team (3)

Evelynn is part of the Daughters of the Equinox

Eve always fought for herself. Her stealth powers allowed her to survive by robbering all what she needed and even more.But when she had to confront justice, she hardly failed defending herself: the eyes of justice could see through her shadow veil so she ran for a time, trying to find a way to go back to her former life. She found an answer with the magician who taught her who to escape from the God’s eyes by turning entirely invisible.

Evelynn has no world-saving intentions but does according to the magician’s will since she helped Evelynn growing stronger. Eve is playful and had a passion for theft but she likes teasing her other mates just like a good old friend.

[ call ] rachel/sammy
  • [ Yes, Rachel's a bit miffed that Samantha's communication has been...spotty over the past few days. There's a bit of a bruised ego and feelings of missing Samantha that go deeper than Rachel's ready to admit. She's frustrated, but Rachel can't ignore or brush off Samantha when she admits to being stressed. That's her princess, and even if the act of balancing her thoughts and affections has Rachel feeling out of sorts, her concern for Samantha outweighs everything else in the moment. ]
  • RACHEL:[after the line clicks over, voice still a bit thick with sleep] A very early g'morning to you, sweet girl.