I find this moment so adorable after the kiss. They are addressing the issue they had earlier with miscommunication. Alex is all like, “you said and did this, and I took it as you meaning this. Was that what you meant?” and it is funny because clearly Maggie kissing Alex means she likes her. I love how they are able to laugh at themselves and make light of the situation. It makes me love them even more! 

What have you gotten yourself into now Danvers?

Summary: Maggie shows up late to coffee with Alex and finds her girlfriend in a sticky situation.

Maggie brought her car to a stop and bit into her cheek. Come on, come on, come on. She thought to herself in frustration as she watched a line of cars pass in front of her. The time on her dashboard clock made it painfully clear that she was already over twenty minutes late to her coffee date with her favorite member of the DEO.

She glared at the light, and under her gaze, or more likely, under the timing mechanism, it flashed from red to green, and Maggie took off, turning sharply into the parking lot of the coffee shop that was just past the intersection. There weren’t many spots left, but with a stroke of luck, the detective somehow managed to find one directly in front of the building.

Maggie shut off the car and collected her wallet and keys before glancing out the windshield, only to see Alex seated at a table across from a well dressed man that had to have been in his mid to late 40s. Before the brunette had time to properly process the sight, Alex glanced out the window and gave her the most pained smile humanly possible, before turning back to face the man.

“Jeez Danvers, what have you gotten yourself into now?” She asked aloud before cracking her knuckles and rolling her neck, perhaps a bit overdramatically. “This’ll be good.”

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  • Alex Danvers, calling her little sister after she's been married to Maggie for at least a decade, they have two children together, both of which Maggie carried and they've inherited certain traits that make it hard for Alex to be stern with them: DIMPLES
  • Kara Danvers, who has been married to Lena Luthor for about four years, they have no children because they're not sure if they want them or even who would carry them if they did, but she has the exact same problem whenever she looks at her beautiful, adorable wife: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?

Good night from me and the ‘66 #Jaguar.

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joons  asked:

is there a garden in sleeping gayly? what are their favorite flowers, and is there a chance they could have a conversation about that in said garden? :)

oh man

is there ever

(screams softly this got long and i got self conscious but we’re doing this anyway)

My father’s conservatory kept Anahera silent for almost a full minute. She took in the monstrosity with an open mouth that would have looked ridiculous on anyone else. On her…

I was trying not to think about her mouth.

“Do you have any idea how much money that much glass costs?”

“Probably nothing on what it takes to keep the Sunset Palace from falling off a mountain?”

Anahera sniffed. “You want to listen to every Capetian on the continent crow about how their mages managed to keep that thing together for three centuries and we couldn’t even manage it for one, be my guest. You live in one of the busiest trading centres in Angevine, why does your father need a conservatory?”

She jumped from one point to the next like she was making up for her moment of quiet. The magic buried in her skin buzzed under mine; I scratched my wrist absently, trying to ignore the sweet tug of her voice encouraging me to give her whatever answer she was looking for.

“If the flower house doesn’t meet with your highness’ approval, we can always retire to do something more royally approved.”

That startled her enough to stop staring at the conservatory, half-turning back to me. Which was fine, because the full force of this girl’s attention was something that I really needed to brace myself against, and she was far too good at throwing me off balance. As if she’d read my mind, a rueful grin tugged at her mouth, one corner quirking up.

“Little bit up on my high horse?”

“Just a tad,” I said, and if I was a little breathless when I did it she had enough grace to not point it out. “Really, though. If you’re not interested, the lake’s not far past it.”

Everyone liked the lake.

“Mmhm.” A curl had sprung loose from the bun she’d dragged her hair into over breakfast. She blew at it half-heartedly, hazel eyes peering at me around it when it fell right back into the same place. “But you didn’t want to show me that.”

You wanted to show me this. She didn’t say it, but the words shivered down my spine anyway. It was the middle of the day; there were birds in the trees and tourists screaming in the nearby water, but in that second there was only the two us.

Only the two of us, and the ever-present buzz of magic in the middle. I scratched at my wrist again, a red bloom rising under the thin skin there. Anahera stopped looking at me, glancing down and away entirely, back to the conservatory. It was like the sun disappearing behind a cloud, and I was uncomfortably aware of how excessive that comparison was. Even at the height of my relationship with Bonne, there had been no weather metaphors floating around.

This girl was beautiful to look at, but she pulled things out of me that weren’t mine.

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