desime101 asked:

I have a question if you don't mind. I want to open myself up to deities (I'm particularly interested in Athena and Artemis) but I'm very much in the broom closet about my religion and I'm worried I won't be able to give what I should to them. (1)

Will me being in the closet affect my devotion to them? Should I wait until I’m living alone to worship? And do you have any tips for me to worship while in the closet? (2 and final)

I have some good news for you! :D I am also secretly worshiping them, so I can offer a bunch of tips and help ^_^

Worshiping them doesn’t have to be about huge altars and bold, outlandish statements. It can be subtle.

Since you said you’re interested in Artemis and Athena, something like studying or hunting could be acts of devotion. You can do certain things and send up the time you are using as offerings. Reading up on Athena/Artemis can strengthen your connection to them while simultaneously bring knowledge on how you might wish to honor them.

If you really want an altar or sacred space to visit with them/leave offerings, it doesn’t have to be enormous or even perfect. It can be a photograph that reminds you of them, a bowl to place objects/food, and a tea light. As long as you find ways to connect with your gods/goddesses, the place you do it seems a bit irrelevant. Especially if you put thought and time into your worship ^_^

I personally use my body as an altar, and since I worship Aphrodite, taking care of myself shows devotion and love towards her.

Artemis and Athena are both virgin goddesses, so if along your worship-path you find yourself wanting to make a huge statement towards them, you could vow to abstain from sexual activity until marriage, or for a certain amount of time. 

So really, just put them into everyday parts of your life, and know that you will eventually be able to do even more with them than you are at this moment ^_^