roxy trying to help eggsy out in wooing harry like 

“hey, harry, sir, arthur, what’s your general preference for a potential love interest? height, hobbies, age, zodiac sign?”

a cough. "lancelot, while i’m very flattered i don’t think this is very appropriate.”

“oh no no sir, i’m just, asking for-”

“good, because it is often frowned upon for a man of my age to be with a lady like yourself-”

"sir, i’m gay. i’ve been dating amelia for 5 months.”

“oh well that’s good. me too. not the dating amelia thing. the gay, um, thing.”

“yes, sir, that’s fine. that’s perfect, actually. thank you for your time.” 

“oh and miss morton? exactly 1.78m, athletic and a skilled driver, 27, and i don’t know anything about zodiac signs. you’d better ask him seeing as he’s listening to our conversation right now.” 


“i’m available tonight after 7pm, and i do not like seafood on a first date. good afternoon, agents.”