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I'd like to confess that I just masturbated watching namjoon's latest vlive. Idek why but listening to him talk and him looking at the camera, laughing and all made me come. It felt like he was watching me and that got me really horny

I haven’t watched it but I was notified, I need to go check out my mans.


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Do you still write requests or do you just recommend fanfics?? If you still take requests, can I ask you, if it doesn't talk to much of your time to write head cannons or something about married vminkook with or without kids???

do you just recommend fanfics  –> actually I’ll give you music recs too if you ask heh 

So I’ve got like 4.2k of the actual fic so far that needs heavy editing but here are some headcanons anyway that are kinda related? background info ish?

~ok so they do have a kid–Miseon is six years old and in her first year at school! she doesn’t dislike it but just finds it kind of boring because the stuff they teach is already too easy for her 

~Jimin’s the one who spends the most time with her because he’s a writer working on a manuscript at home and well, maybe that’s why she’s so smart bc idek what Taekook’s influence would do to her

~Miseon is also most obedient when it comes to Jimin? so Tae and Jungkook are often wondering how he does it, like how is he so good with kids? and caring for everyone?

~Taehyung and Jungkook have 9-5 jobs so they’re not around too much but on weekends they all go on outings, like to the park! and whenever Tae sees other kids on the playground, he would try to convince them to adopt another kid. a boy this time, so he can protect Miseon and she’d never get bullied, plus they would have each other so it’d never get too lonely

~and Jimin would say that it’s like he’s already taking care of three kids (but agrees eventually nonetheless)

~the three of them don’t fight much but when they do it’s subtle so that Miseon isn’t affected, and they talk it out so that no one goes to bed angry. though with their sleeping arrangement, it’s impossible not to be comfortably squished on a bed that supposedly isn’t designed for three but y’know, more cuddling. it’s secure and cozy, and something that is just theirs

~vminkook also have a group chat but it’s really just mostly for memes

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Roman Reigns?

Moxxii: Smash - Seriously, who wouldn’t omg! Everything about him just does something to me, first of all he is thicc and I have a thing for guys with a lil meat on them and his arms omg theyre so muscular and just, perfect! Then there is his hair omggggg it’s so…luscious idek i wanna run my fingers through it! Then you’ve got those facial expressions he pulls and his cute lil laugh; like just omg! Also, how could I forget that he is just straight up daddy. (This was a thirstyyyy paragraph ahah)

Nikki: Smash - First of all his blue eyes!!! Then there’s his hair which is better than mine tbh and like he just is the WHOLE package!! Like anything you could want in a man, he’s got.

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something i made a while ago/  made this as a print but got lazy when looking for places to print so eh


tae got so emotional because of namjoon . Purest love~

Avon Calling!

Context: Our party had come across a partially destroyed town. After looting the town, attempting to steal a skull in a mausoleum (and then attempting to seduce the ghost of the skull’s owner. Bards, man, idek), and artistically shaving our dwarf fighter’s eyebrows as he slept, we made our way to the keep. After having a stealthy look about, we discovered 4 guards residing in the building. It was determined that our rouge and bard, being the characters with the highest charisma, would go knock on the door and attempt to talk to the guards while the druid and the fighter would hide around the corner as opposed to entering into combat. 

Bard: *knocks on door*

Guard 1: Who are you and what do you want?

Bard: I am a missionary of The Lady Avon, goddess of makeup, fragrances, and all things beauty product related. 

Rogue, who has not been informed that this was to be the direction of conversation: Uh…yeah, we both are. We’ve come to assist you in your time of need. We saw the destroyed town when we arrived and came to find survivors. Can we help in any way? Do you need prayers to the Lady Avon?

DM: Roll a persuasion check.

Bard: *passes persuasion check*

So, the guards believe us and we start getting the story of what happened to the town. One of the guards mentions that the Lord of the keep died a few years back and had we noticed the lovely mausoleum in the town cemetery where he’s kept?

Bard: Yes, actually, we had.

Fighter (from around the corner where he’s been listening in): THAT WAS THE GHOST YOU TRIED TO SEDUCE!!!

Guards: *immediately stand up and run around the corner to find the hiding fighter. The druid had since run away.*

Guards: Who the hell are YOU?

Fighter: *stands up straight* I…am The Lady Avon…come to answer your prayers. 

Rogue: I hear you can tell it’s her by her oddly shaved eyebrows. 

Bard: Indeed!

DM: I had dreams and aspirations for this campaign, you know. And not one of them involved THIS. Roll deception.

Heroes of Olympus as parents

My vision for the type of parents they’d be:

Percy: the ‘as long as there’s no casualties it’s fine’ parent

Annabeth: The panicking hover parent

Jason: the 'I’m the parent so I’m always right’ parent

Piper: the (accidentally) bad influence parent

Leo: the fun parent who’s still kind of a child himself, but can be serious if needed

Calypso: the 'everything’s a teachable moment’ parent

Hazel: the mom everyone wishes was their’s

Frank: the 'idek what I’m doing but I’m gonna try’ parent

Nico: the 'touch my child and you die’ parent/the 'idgaf just don’t get hurt’ parent

Reyna: the 'my kids are angels you say differently I send you to hell’ parent