Some more lovely pics of Rupert meeting fans in Mexico (flipped the top two from mirrored).

  1. [Stephanie Delgado] “It tells everything from a celebrity how he is with his fans. #RupertGraves is absolutly the best, ever.“
  2. [spiderling] “He was so nice and told us he had walked all the way from set and it took him about an hour.”
  3. [Hector Grandos]
  4. [Cesilia Alvarado] (also on Instagram)

mslouisebrealeyCandy Crush. #rupertgraves #221B #sherlockseason4 #sherlock #behindthescenes [x]

mslouisebrealeyWhen I couldn’t work the camera. #sherlock #behindthescenes #sherlockseason4 #selfie [x]

mslouisebrealeyThe First Dance. #wedding #blackandwhite [x]

I included the last one because it’s a beautiful picture ❤ personally I don’t think it’s about Sherlock, it could be from another project she did lately.


#RupertGraves shares his thoughts on #SherlockPBS: The Abominable Bride!

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the special because the script, I have to say, is, I think, the best that I’ve had.”