Our Kickstarter Campaign for "Rocky Horror Saved My Life" - A Fan Documentary

A documentary on the fans, collectors, and live performers of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, as the film nears its 40th Anniversary.

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“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is the longest-running theatrical release in film history. Since its debut in 1975, it has become the very definition of “cult movie.” However, if you’ve ever been to a live performance of Rocky Horror, you know that the film is only one part of a very unique midnight movie experience. ”Rocky Horror Saved My Life” is not a documentary about the people who made this legendary movie, though. It’s about the fans who have devoted their lives to preserving it.

For almost 40 years, people from all walks of life have “given themselves over to absolute pleasure” by performing live on the stages, aisles, and seats of cinemas showing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” From the first time Louis Farrisse yelled ‘Buy an umbrella, you cheap bitch!’ in the audience at the Waverly in NYC, to the innovations that have brought Rocky Horror “audience participation” into the 21st Century, we’ll examine the origins and traditions of this truly unique cinematic phenomenon from the perspective of the people who sacrificed so much to keep it alive. Throughout 2014, our crew will travel to cities all over the US, and possibly all over the world, to document the history of Rocky Horror’s avid collectors, live performers, and devoted fans.

Given our experience, and the resources at our disposal, we feel quite confident that we can make one hell of a documentary, even on a fairly tight budget. Expenses for camera equipment, travel, and post-production can add up pretty fast though, so we can’t do this all on our own. But, with a little help, we just might be able to make this dream a reality.

Your contribution will help us not only bring these stories to light, but also preserve them for the next generation of Rocky Horror fans. We don’t plan to depend entirely on generosity though. Our fantastic Rewards include: signed posters, DVDs, VIP tickets to the World Premiere, and even a Private Screening for you and your friends. We’ve made sure that, no matter how much you contribute, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.

We also have some very ambitious, but quite achievable Stretch Goals such as Unlocking Free Digital Downloads, expanding our shooting schedule to the United Kingdom and beyond, and possibly even a Road Show tour across the country when the documentary is finished. Most importantly though, each donation beyond our Goal will help us to visit more cities, interview more fans, and tell a more complete account of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s” 40-year history.

But, money isn’t the only thing we need. Like Rocky Horror, we can’t do this without a whole lot of Audience Partici… pation!

We want to hear your story. Write to us at rockyhorrordoc@gmail.com, and tell us how Rocky Horror has helped to shape your life, define your identity, or save you from the tedious conformity of mainstream culture, even if it was just for one night.

You can also help by showing this project to anyone that ever borrowed their mother’s stockings and snuck out of the house to see the greatest midnight movie of all time. Please Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other social media network that may have popped up since this video began.

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…and be sure to follow our progress here on Kickstarter for updates on the campaign, where we’ll be shooting next, and when you can see “Rocky Horror Saved My Life” in a theater near you.

Thank you very much for your time, and your support.

Risks and challengesA live screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” can be a wild, raucous, and exhilarating rite of passage, but it’s not exactly the easiest place to make a documentary. With heavy camera gear on their backs, our crew will work through showers of rice, toast, and toilet paper to capture the transcendent moments when a Rocky Horror performer truly brings their character to life, even with an entire audience shouting obscenities at them.

Like any film, the production of “Rocky Horror Saved My Life” will not be cheap. The usual expenses of equipment, travel, and post-production will certainly apply. However, after years of being immersed in the Rocky Horror Community, our crew has a network of fans that stretches from coast to coast, and a DIY work ethic unlike any other. Many of our crew also have years of experience in film, television, and theater. We’ve all been eagerly waiting years for the chance to use the skills we’ve gained to honor the movie, and the people, that we love so much.

Perhaps our greatest challenges will be in obtaining the rights to some of the wonderful music that Rocky Horror has given us. We plan to devote a good deal of our funding to the music for this project, as it is one of the main reasons that Rocky Horror has developed a following that spans generations. We also hope to introduce our audience to some less familiar Rocky Horror recordings, and celebrate the 40 years of creativity that this film and community have inspired. Please help us bring these unsung artistic heroes of Rocky Horror out from the shadows, and into the spotlight.