What harm could Lyanna Stark’s ghost do to either of us that we haven’t done to each other a hundred times over? You want to know the horrible truth? I can’t even remember what she looked like. I only know she was the one thing I ever wanted. Someone took her away from me, and seven kingdoms couldn’t fill the hole she left behind.


TEN YEARS AGO:  Exactly five weeks from now (September 28) marks the tenth anniversary of Robert Downey Jr. being officially announced to play Tony Stark in Marvel Studio’s first-ever film effort, Iron Man.  

Here are some of the reactions (from AICN)–

(The last one is somewhat ironic in that the large, puppy-dog eyes have since become a trademark feature of MCU!Tony.)

(ALSO: To be fair, many of the other reactions were pretty enthusiastic and recognized the destiny-like casting, given RDJ’s personal history and Tony’s own.)

Anyway– happy anniversary (in five weeks)!