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“I’ve never done this before.” with some jules?? hmu w/ that good shit TM

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“I’ve never done this before,” Julian mumbles against their lips, forehead resting lightly against theirs.

“It’s alright,” they say, fingertips trailing along his jawline. “You don’t have to.”

“No,” he exhales, pulling a short distance away, “I want to. I trust you… I love you.”

They smile up at him, feeling warmth flush their cheeks. “I love you, too.”

Julian inhales, then hooks shaking fingers under the band of his eyepatch. Slowly, he discards it, setting it carefully on the nightstand. He holds his breath, waiting for some type of reaction. 

They reach up and gently tug him down for a kiss, and then lips softly brush over his newly exposed eye. They’re beaming, gazing at him with adoration that makes his heart swell.

“You’re lovely, Ilya.”

The Balcony (NSFW)

Note: My favorite Son-Maître asked for balcony smut and dammit that’s what she’s gonna get! Just a heads up, this gets kinda…

His young master was at such a curious, turbulent age. Even after the turmoil of puberty, at age 16, Ciel Phantomhive’s hormones still got the best of him, and to reconcile his urges, Lady Elizabeth visited all the more frequently.

Whore. Harlot. Slut.

That was all Sebastian could think about when she would flounce into the manor, all golden curls and pink frills and coy smiles, before holing herself up in the young master’s bedroom suit, or his study, or the library, or even the garden next to the rose bushes one night (much to Sebastian’s disgust. What kind of farm animal screws outdoors?)

Even now the two sat across from one another, and Sebastian could feel the pheromones practically rolling off one another as they snuck sly, lustful glances to one another from over the rims of thin white teacups. He could hear the sharp intake of breath into Ciel’s lungs as Lizzy not-so-sneakily trailed the toe of her little heeled boot up, up, up his young master’s leg, and into the junction of his thighs. Saw the way his young master bit his plump lower lip before running his tongue over it, giving the young woman a glimpse of what would be coming to her should she continue such brazen displays.

Is this what did it for him? Sophomoric flirtations, played-out little games of footsie during tea time? Sebastian could do that and then some, could make the little brat delirious with pleasure in ways Little Miss Lizzy couldn’t begin to imagine. All Ciel had to do was say the word, and he could have so much more than just a butler.

There, however, lies the rub. The last thing he expected Ciel to do was ask him to take the place of his fiancé. It was that resolute finality that was the cause for his ever-souring mood, and he had been so focused on not ripping the bitty boot from his master’s groin that he plain forgot to hold his tongue as a proper butler should.

“Sebastian, could you please fetch more of these little pastries? They’re just delicious.” Lizzy had cooed, her double entendre not lost on anyone.

“Certainly, Lady Elizabeth. I shall return with them shortly, so do try to keep your tail out of the air in the meantime.”

Well, shit.

That had certainly not been what he had meant to say. However, it was now out there, they knew that he knew, and his only regret now was that, in his initial shock and embarrassment over his faux pas, he had left in such a hurry that he didn’t get to see the stunned looks on the horny teens faces.


Sebastian, instead of going to prepare the requested little pastries, escaped to the balcony of the young master’s bedroom, hoping the fresh air and fragrant flowers would sooth his ire. He managed to hide out there for all of twenty minutes before Ciel came storming out, practically foaming at the mouth.

“Do you mind telling me what the hell that was? How dare you speak to her that way!” Ciel spat, visibly shaking with the urger to smack his butler.

“I apologize, young master, but it was only a matter of time before someone addressed Lady Elizabeth’s less-than-chaste behavior. Better it be myself than someone who could potentially ruin you both.”

“Sebastian, don’t feed me that line of-”

“Just imagine what it would do to your reputation if it got out that she couldn’t keep her skirts down until your wedding night.” The sound of Ciel’s palm connecting with the demon’s cheek rang out throughout the gardens. Sebastian had apparently crossed a line.

“Bastard. What I do with my fiancé is none of your business.” He growled, eyes dark as he silently dared Sebastian to challenge him again. The demon, in turn, merely chuckled.

“Young master, honestly…who is it you would come running to if you two got a little TOO careless, hmm? If she should…miscount her days and you end up a father at 16, or if someone should see you the next time you two decided to fool around by the rose bushes that I tend to?” The demon stalked closer, his full lips in a knowing smirk. “It would be me, and I say that that makes it my business.”

Ciel, however, was a fighter, and wouldn’t back down to even the likes of Sebastian. “Why do you even care? Your job is to serve me, not approve of who I sleep with!”

“I care because she isn’t worthy of you!” The demon hollered, slamming his hand down in the railing and effectively startling Ciel. “She brings nothing to the table but status and mediocre sex, and I could give you so much more than that! I, who rebuilt your company from the ground up. I, who gave your very life back to you, deserve every bit of what you give her and then some, and yet you don’t even give it a thought!” Sebastian poured his would-be heart out, something he should had found embarrassing, yet necessary.

The salt on the wound, however, was Ciel’s laughter following a pregnant pause.

“That’s it? You’re throwing this tantrum because your jealous?” He smiled.

Sebastian chuckled derisively. “Hardly, young master. I simply don’t understand why you want a tame little pussycat, when you can have The Beast.” Ciel, however, wasn’t buying it. Still chuckling, the young master brought his hands to the demon’s face, pinching his cheeks as Sebastian had done to him so many times before.

“Aww, my poor Sebastian, you just wanted pets from Master, didn’t you, boy?” He teased, scratching the demon behind reddened ears like he were a needy puppy.

“Young Master, it isn’t funny.” Sebastian replied, his voice gone quiet yet firm. He took smaller hands into his and held them in his strong grip as he lowered his face to Ciel’s. Full lips grazed his own as the young earl inched closer, this change in his butler’s demeanor drawing him in. “You say it isn’t my business, but you are just as much mine as I am yours. You, every inch of you, belongs to me, and I won’t allow anyone else to dirty you. I simply won’t have it.” He finished with a gentle nip to Ciel’s plumb lower lip.

The tension between them was palpable, the two staring into each other’s eyes, searching for some kind of resolution to…whatever this was becoming.

It was Ciel that broke first, his eye casting downward as he took the black silk tie into his fist. Without a word, he turned away from his butler moved to lean his lithe body against the balcony railing, dragging Sebastian along with him. His eyes and stance were both challenging as he regarded Sebastian critically.

“Fine.” He said simply, catching the demon off guard.

“My lord?”

“I said fine. I’ll give you your chance, Sebastian. If you honestly think you can best Elizabeth, then do it.” With a final yank to his tie, he pulled Sebastian’s face within mere centimeters of his own. “Take me from her, if you can.”

Without any further hesitation, he pressed his lips firmly to the demon’s, nipping at the bottom tier. Sebastian moaned in response as he opened his mouth to let a venturing little tongue inside, his hand coming up to tear at the delicate little buttons of Ciel’s shirt. Wasting no time, he yanked, hard, the fine silk ripping like tissue paper, pearl buttons flying. No matter, nothing Sebastian couldn’t fix later.

The little earl pressed closer to the wandering hands, his body burning as he ached for more of those firm, sinful touches. He busied his hands with the multitude of buttons and closures of Sebastian’s uniform before running his fingers along the chiseled body exposed to him.

“Is that the best you’ve got, demon?” He growled against his butler’s lips before crying out as those fangs roughly grazed the base of his throat.

“You wish, My Lord…” Sebastian replied as he hoisted Ciel up, plopping his rear end onto the banister before yanking open his trousers. An impatient hand worked its way inside, gripping the young man’s aching erection, and even through silk gloves Sebastian could feel its perfection. How well his master had grown into his body, from his long legs and sinewy torso and this, the pulsing delicacy between his thighs that Sebastian couldn’t wait to devour.

Ciel tossed his head back, moaning loudly as the demon pumped his cock once, twice, three times, before he dropped to his knees, yanking Ciel’s trousers and underpants down with him. He didn’t have a chance to ask what the butler was planning to do before his length was engulfed in the warm, wet heat of Sebastian’s mouth. He was worked over expertly, Sebastian pulling him out until just the head was between his lips, tongue lapping at every drop his master spilled.

“Have I won you over, yet, My Lord?” Sebastian showed a wicked grin, lips brushing the sensitive head of his master’s prick as he spoke. Without response, Ciel grabbed the demon’s hair, pulling roughly that vile mouth over his erection once more.

“I didn’t say you were finished…” He sighed through gritted teeth, pushing his hips to for more of him into the demon’s mouth. Sebastian moaned around the intrusion before swallowing around the throbbing member, pulling it deep into his throat as the rough treatment stroked one of his ‘weak points’, as it were. He was willing to bet money that he had never been this rough, this free to act as he pleased with the delicate Lady Elizabeth.

Point One for Sebastian, he supposed.

He didn’t have a chance to enjoy his little victory, however, as Ciel shaved his face away from his groin before pushing him by his shoulders to lay flat on the balcony floor.

“Young Master?”

“Shut up.” Ciel snapped as he yanked and pulled at the closures of Sebastian’s trousers before fishing out his prize. Sebastian was larger than he, as he had expected. He could only just barely wrap a hand around the twitching girth. “Do you have any oil on you?”

“I’m sorry, Master, I-”

Ciel, however was prepared to make due, shoving the fat prick into his mouth and slicking it 'the old fashioned way’, as it were. With one hand working the base, Ciel made sure to make it as wet as he could, even going as far as to spit on it, just to be safe.

“How vulgar, Young Master.” Sebastian chuckled teasingly.

“Well, sorry you have a fat cock, now shit the fuck up.” Ciel spat as he eased his body over his butler’s, lining the rigid flesh with his awaiting entrance.

It had been hard, but Ciel couldn’t help but toss his head back in ecstasy as Sebastian filled him. The young earl sank lower and lower, until his backside was nestled against the thatch of dark curls surround Sebastian’s manhood.

The demon groaned as his master’s body clenched and fluttered around him, and all he wanted to do was flip that little brat over and show him just how much better he was at pleasing him than his tawdry little fiancé. However, this was clearly at Ciel’s pace, he was at the young man’s mercy until he was ordered otherwise. His job now was to remain pliant as his master used him to seek out his pleasure.

Or so he thought.

“Tsk, even Lizzy can just lie there, Sebastian. Or do you intend for me to do all of the work?” Ciel smirked as he rode his butler. Taking the bait, the demon flipped their position, Ciel on his back, panting heavily and writing beneath Sebastian on the us soaked floor of the balcony as the demon shoved himself deeper within that tight sheath. Ciel’s hands scrambled at his butler’s back, nails digging into the flesh as his body shook with pleasure. Each strike
of those hips brought him closer to his climax, nudging harshly at his prostate. Sebastian spread those coltish legs wider, attempting to reach deeper into his charge’s depths, wanting to make his mark on his most intimate of places. He wanted to ruin Ciel, not only for Lizzy, but for anyone else who thought themselves brave enough(or foolish enough) to try to steal away his young master.

“Fuck!” Ciel cried out, his head tossing back and forth in his pleasurable delirium, hips rocking to meet every jostling thrust. Damn Sebastian and his inhuman size, damn his ability to tear him apart completely, to absolutely wreck him from the inside out. “Seb-Sebastian! Don’t stop!”

“Never, My Lord.” He could defile his master all day if he were allowed, but he could sense Ciel reaching his apex. The body around him shuttered and spasmed, the young lord crying out as he began to fall over that final edge, and his essence began to burst from him in powerful spurts.

It was only then, after his master had reached his peak, that Sebastian allowed himself to finish, spending his seed into Ciel, filling him almost the the hilt.

The two laid there, breathless and sated in the sunlight of the balcony, not uttering a word to one another. What else needed to be said? Ciel had told Sebastian quite clearly to take him away from Lady Elizabeth.

And that is precisely what he had done.

(I feel filthy, but it’s for my favorite, so)