I want a relationship where we don’t have to do anything crazy, where we can both sleep in until 4pm, where we can just go out and not spend any money, where we can go people watching at the mall and giggle over how stupid we are. Is that too much to ask?

Hello! This is what I’ve been up to this December LOL… I’ve always wanted Cut Time to be a colour comic, but I lacked confidence in how quickly I could do colour pages. After some test runs, I found out that it’s a lot more enjoyable for me than grayscale toning and it doesn’t take that much extra effort, so I decided to rehash all of my pages. I can reach more depth now and I have new mood devices at my disposal so I hope the reading experience improves. From here on out, everything will be in colour. :)

Little celebratory doodle of Rel n Fugue for Juby aka Joodlez on the release of her Cut Time comic! I’m so happy and excited for you, girl! I hope this fanart isn’t too kinky.

(No internet here, please excuse me while I try and probably fail figuring out how to link comics on this phone.)

I’ll be releasing the first 10 pages of Cut Time on Friday, November 1st (during Scorpio season for my midheaven hehe)!!!. If all goes smoothly, I’ll be posting a page every Friday thereafter, until I get to the next chapter, for which I’ll also update 10 pages at once.

I’m going to rate it PG-13 purely for language; some of my characters swear. There’s 0 sexual content, but there’s some violence. Each chapter will be about 50 pages, give or take. Wish me luck haha!

Big thanks to Shilin for working her magic on the neat and crisp layout that ComicPress never was. I love you!!! <3

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Touché Amoré, Title Fight RSD Split Confirmed; Stream Cover Clips

Touché Amoré and Title Fight are releasing  7” on Record Store Day that features each band covering the other’s songs. Check out the artwork and song clips below by clicking “Read More!”

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I’m so fucking affectionate and touchy I can’t keep my hands off of you if I’m with you that is a thing I have learned in the past month like I just love absentmindedly rubbing your hand with my thumb or running my fingers up and down your spine or your arm or your neck wowowowowowowowowow I love touching. touch is the best sense.