Sometimes things happen and I just want to grab my phone and dial your 7 digits and tell you everything. You were my best friend, and I shared every single inch of myself with you but at times I felt like you didn’t know me at all. The real me, you just knew the person that I wanted you to know. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work between us because the real Me would have never let you go, she would have never stopped appreciating you. She would have never messed everything up by pushing you away. But now the real Me is here and it’s too late, you’ve found your soulmate and I have to watch you fall madly in love with her as I hope and pray that my soulmate will come back. I’m ready now, I promise.
—  S.L // Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write // #32

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((Tbh i read your url as polysander shell at first and I was just like "haha nice." Until i realized its polysanders hell. Both are great in my opinion though.))

((Yeah, tbh while it’s supposed to be hell, I don’t mind either way really. The only thing I care about is that people notice the fact that my url matches @prinxietyhell and now @analogicalhell I love them both loads))


A belated Mother’s Day pic featuring Val and hir bio mom Rel, based on the meme where the same ppl recreate a past picture. For the uninformed, Rel was killed just hours after having Val. Talos often told Val a lot about Rel and how much of a sweetheart she truly was. I used a tulip as the flower of choice for Rel as tulips often represent remembrance and gratitude.

Step into an ethereal twinkling dreamscape as we wade into this sensuous sparkler of a gem, A Little Bit Sometimes, which comes from electropop songstress  r e l  and fellow Los Angeles resident, producer jynjo. A Little Bit Sometimes is feathery light and fleecy delicate. Though it buoyantly bounces, the song eases its way back down to earth nonchalantly, as if held up by a lack of gravity. jynjo and  r e l  enchant us with their minimalist electronic pop on their future styled bubbler, providing us a pixelated lens through which we view the “holes” of our own hearts. A Little Bit Sometimes is available now on iTunes.

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