lifesalitbook asked:

Can you remind us what the levels of REL are?

Regular REL is for events ranging from casual drafts to prereleases to FNM to game day. Regular REL events don’t require a judge and are focused on fun and community and education for the most part. There are no harsh penalties at this rules enforcement level, but certain behaviours are always unacceptable and you can be removed from an event for doing them.

Competitive REL is for events like PPTQs, SCG IQs, and similar events all the way up to the Saturday or a Grand Prix. Competitive REL events require judges and feature bigger prizes and qualification to exclusive events. Rules enforcement at these events is stricter, with a greater focus on correct play and clear communication between players. Competitive REL features a full range of penalties up to and including disqualification.

Professional REL is used at the Pro Tour and on later days of other premier events like Grand Prix Sundays and the World Championships. There are only a few differences between Professional REL and Competitive REL, and they keep getting smaller every year. Just act as you’re expected to act at Competitive REL and you’ll be fine.

Sometimes things happen and I just want to grab my phone and dial your 7 digits and tell you everything. You were my best friend, and I shared every single inch of myself with you but at times I felt like you didn’t know me at all. The real me, you just knew the person that I wanted you to know. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work between us because the real Me would have never let you go, she would have never stopped appreciating you. She would have never messed everything up by pushing you away. But now the real Me is here and it’s too late, you’ve found your soulmate and I have to watch you fall madly in love with her as I hope and pray that my soulmate will come back. I’m ready now, I promise.
—  S.L // Excerpt From a Book I’ll Never Write // #32

I’m such a sucker for the peanut butter vibes on Glass Animals’ Gooey, and it still blows my mind whenever I remember how addicted to that slinky goo everyone else is now, too. It’s a more delicate, airy, and softly sensuous peanut butter vibe that we encounter on a bewitching cover of Gooey by 20 year old LA based electronic pop songstress r e l. There’s an amorphous fluidity to her Gooey that hovers in ethereal suspension.