[TRANS] [150518] Sunggyu in Park Kyungrim’s Two O’clock Date

PKR: How did you come to be in the same company with NELL?

Sunggyu: Even until now I still find this amazing. It was like it was meant to be. One day, when I was working on my part time job in a cafe, there was a guest which was NELL’s manager. He randomly asked, who is my favorite singer. I didnt even know that he is NELL’s manager, and I answered, NELL. Then he gave me his name card and asked me to audition in their company. I was preparing myself to be a singer anyway, but I went there with the thought, at least I got to get a signed CD of NELL there. But amazingly, somehow I got accepted. And then things kind of just fell into place, I got to train in their company, I got to be in INFINITE, I get to be close with NELL hyungs, and somehow, I got him (NELL’s Kim Jongwan) to do the producing for my solo album. 

[TRANS] [150518] Sunggyu in Park Kyungrim’s Two O’clock Date

A listener: Sunggyu-goon, why are you so handsome even when you’re only sitting still?

Sunggyu: Ah, what to do, I have always been like this, I cant do anything about it… Sorry about that. LOL


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