• *cbx in japan, 1am hotel room*
  • baekhyun: wanna hear a rap
  • minseok: no
  • baekhyun: ok here we go
  • jongdae: *laying down a sweet beat immediately*
  • baekhyun: getting myself comfy in bed for those fresh sleeps, got my 15 pillows all pluffy, got my good warm duvet, got my cat curled up on my head purring, got my 50 swords cradled in my arms
  • minseok: that's just unrealistic no one cares about duvet covers anymore
  • baekhyun: excuse you i am not waking up to a thick layer of frost encrusting my body , get outta here with yuor warm climate privilege im 50% bisexual 50% duvet cover and 100% warm and snuggly all year