“At nineteen years of age Pam came up to Hollywood to find herself; instead she found Jim” - John Densmore.

“They really fell in love at first sight. Jim had a little bag packed, by the side of the stage. He was waiting and hoping she’d come back. And one night, she came back, and that was the beginning of the love story” -Penny Courson

“You could tell that she was really the one that he wanted to be with, he would always come back to her, no matter what happened. She was just as crazy as he was, so it kind of worked out perfectly” - Robby Krieger.

“Pamela said something to me in Paris that never left me. She said, “There were a lot of people who pretended to be close to Jim, but I was the only one who had the nerve to stand up to him”. She loved him to death, but she was not willing to be abused. Pamela just went, “Fuck you, buddy! You’d better do this!” She didn’t take any shit from him. So inevitably he went back to her, because he knew that she was willing to lose him" -Bill Siddons.

“Romeo and Juliet are reunited forever in that romantic place we’re all going to go to someday” -Ray Manzarek.

Mythology Project: Selkies

Selkies are legendary creatures in Irish, Scottish, and Icelandic folklore. They are generally imagined as seals that can transform themselves into human beings, usually beautiful women. Selch means “seal” in the dialect of Scotland’s Orkney Islands.
Most stories told about Selkies are romantic tragedies. A lonely fisherman comes across a group of Selkies who have shed their sealskins to sun themselves on the rocks. He steals the skin of one of the Selkies, which forces her to live on land and become his wife. Though the couple may have children, who according to some stories have webbed fingers and toes, the Selkie is always on the lookout for her sealskin. When she finds it, she escapes to the sea, leaving her human husband desolate.