2012 is almost over, but before that I need to thank you guys for making my dash look awesome! So this is my Follow Forever. It’s very simple but I hope you like it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love you all.

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anonymous asked:

Who are your favorite blogs?

oh boy, I am sure I am forgetting someone, but here I come.

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tag game!
  • Rule 1 - Post the rules.
  • Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger sent you in their post and the make 11 new ones.
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  1. Most favorite song ever? why? 1# nite - cobra starship this song remember my birthday, my old school, my family…these moments i heard this song and i love so much!
  2. Recommend a movie to watch.ooh obviously, mean girls!
  3. Things that save you when it seems that the whole world is crashing around you?well..peoples, i think my friends, family and i think in my future shouldn’t be wasted.
  4. 5 things you can’t imagine your life without? not book, food, music, people, cellphone, for sure (:
  5. Character trait you don’t like in people? and why? oh, fake people and some people that think they are better than others, just because of money, beauty… this is so sad, you know, i hate it.
  6. Thing you would like to change about this world? wickedness, looks cliche btw it is.
  7. Thing you think you’ll never be able to do?be a scientist hahaha
  8. Favorite memory from your childhood?  when ia was kid i never liked to play with baby dolls and barbies i just used to play with little toys.
  9. 3 places you would like to visit?la, london, ny
  10. Your most favorite place? Why?my home, because i can be myself all the time.
  11. Favorite activity? internet lol çaslkdalkdl

my questions: 

  1. celebrity crush:
  2. what do you think about homosexuality?
  3. you would like to live in another country? why?
  4. first song you heard in 2012:
  5. you watch tv series? what tv series?
  6. favourites movies:
  7. a movie make you cry:
  8. everyone must have a cd by:
  9. sleep or food?
  10. do you have a piercing, tatto..?
  11. celebrity hater:

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