I got my car all sorted out this week, so yesterday I went out to Lenz in Santa Cruz to buy some new paints. NEW FRIENDS!

Daniel Smith quinacridone purple (PV55) - Bloody dark purple, moody - wouldn’t call it leap-off-the-page vivid, but it’s brighter than dioxazine (and considerably redder), and pretty much completely shuts out perylene violet - which is a wonderful paint, but it’s also incredibly desaturated and a major lightweight wet-in-wet. PV55 works great in mixes for an actual royal purple with ultramarine and quin magenta, and makes stellar fleshy browns with transparent pyrrol orange.  

Sennelier Helios Violet (PR122) - Fancy-named FEROCIOUS quinacridone magenta. It’s damn near Opera bright, though without the fluorescence, or the lightfastness issues - which is AWESOME. Violet machine. Vivid terror-purple. This is my first tube from Sennelier and so far I’m super impressed, but considering doing a lightfastness test. It’s damn near ubelievably bright.

Daniel Smith Quinacridone Coral (PR209) - The red side of the quinacridone pigment family lists consistently pinky-pink/violet. Coral’s not really an exception, but it quite strangely…. red. Like… an honest blushy red. Really delightful, does awesome things in mixes with green.

Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue Chromium (PB36) - Get this blue. All around deeper than PB35 Cerulean and a little bit greeny, textured rather than “fluffy.” 

Daniel Smith Diopside - I kind of raise the eyebrow a bit when it comes to the primatek paints - they’re really good, but it’s easy to get dragged in by the novelty. Paint with gemstones!! They handle very differently. Like… they’re gooey. They actually feel gooey, viscous, thick in water. If you don’t keep your wash mix stirred, you’ll get really inconsistent results. They’re heavy!

All that said, they’re also really cool. I lean on Sodalite pretty hard, and am forever making eyes at Amethyst. Diopside caught my attention as a granulating alternative to Pthalo green YS, and holy hell it is. I love it. It’s a lot warmer than i was expecting, not nearly as tangy (the primateks are consistently a bit dull,) and it’s just as corny - wouldn’t use either straight out the tube. Love what it does with quin coral, pyrrol orange, yellow, blue, etc.

Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium (PY97) - Speaking of corny, I like to avoid primary yellow like the plague. Because of this, I have a plague of yellows. Greeny yellows, orangey yellows, earthy yellows, and all this is great. But when something has to actually be yellow, it’s a huge problem. 

Hansa Yellow Medium is, honestly, nice. I’m not really sure how, but it’s both cool in tints and warm in masstone. It’s unexpectedly sunny and not cadmium-flat, or cadmium-toxic. Bless the cads and all, but cad yellow medium is probably what originally turned me off to keeping a middle-yellow in my palette. So far this one’s been a much more cooperative mixer and less opaque than cadmium, with more presence and all-around oomph than my previous go-to, PY175(lemon). It also lacks lemon’s magical talent of burning out your retinas if it gets out on its own.

The mixing charts are far from complete, but so far I’m really enjoying exploring the new additions! New favorites that work well with the old favorites, always a plus : D

A couple of beauties to recommend today:

#Tarte Energy Noir Clay Palette - a mix of gorgeously smooth and flattering neutral-berry shades plus cheek products to look chic in a hurry.
4 matte shadows
2 shimmer shadows
2 liner/definer shadows
1 blush
1 face highlighter

#YSL’s Fall 2015 Collection features 2 lovely burgundy and berry tones. My pick?
Rouge Volupté Shine No33 Fuchsia Intense - a translucent glossy berry rose.

Have a merry berry Sunday all, an happy #SG50 to everyone in Singapore!

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