Writing Contest Winners!!!

I’m super sorry for how long this has taken, I’ve been having a really rough and weird month or so (all my fault though, don’t worry about me or anything like that) BUT now here we go!!

I’ve emailed all of the winners but I’m lowkey concerned that because it’s an email from a random stranger talking about winning a contest it might trigger spam filters, so if you see your story here, make sure to check your email!!!

Without further ado, here are the winners!!!

FIRST PLACE by Trina | This one actually straight up made me cry which I did NOT expect from this contest

He tweaked the end of his beard at her nose, and she giggled. “I’m proud of you for giving your time to make those animals happy. In fact, I’m so proud of you that I stopped on my way here.” He reached felt around the sofa cushion and pulled out the Dr. Seuss book he’d bought.

SECOND PLACE by Rissa | Another submission that made me super emotional and honestly it was just a really great way to take this story

So let the pretty young things in the next aisle whisper and giggle about the wrinkly old grandma trying to be sexy. She’d have done the same in their place.

But she’s not dead yet, and she’s got no intention to stop living until she is.

THIRD PLACE by Jordan | Honestly this one just got INTENSE and I dig it

Reader, I did not aid for selfless reasons of kindness, but in the end, intentions never matter. I saw the lights and satellites of the news truck careening into the parking lot at the same time as a cop car and ambulance, and I turned to face the music of my people.

RUNNER UP by Brittany | This has given me new insight into the potential realities of my workplace and I will now tread carefully until I am prepared to launch my life of crime

This man was an internationally wanted criminal in the year 2026, but Interpol had no hope of catching him. They were at a loss, until Jason had an idea. What if they went back in time, and stopped him before he ever turned to crime? After months of work, they found him: in a still from a Target security camera, dated 2016.

RUNNER UP by Shannon | I understand that this was largely pandering to my classic poop humor, but I don’t even mind, this was some good stuff.

The urge.

I felt it building in my stomach, slowly worming its way down to my pelvis and coming to rest against the backside of my anus. Just a couple more minutes, I told myself as I slowly began to make my way to the bathroom.


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