161205 J-Hope’s Tweet

#삥뽕 #오호 ~~
#음식은나고야 #오이시
내일봐요 나고야 pic.twitter.com/bAWYkiahV5

#DingDong #Oho ~~
#FoodIsNagoya* #Yum
See you tomorrow, Nagoya

(T/N: * Meaning when you think of food, you think of Nagoya’s food.)

Video translations:
JH: Whoo~
S: The meat is delicious.
JH: Ohohoo~

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[Episode] BTS @ 2016 MAMA


161205 BTS official’s Tweet

[Episode] 2016 MAMA에서 생긴 일 #엉엉소년단 #화들짝소년단 (https://youtu.be/Gx3Cz1CqA84)

[Episode] What happened at 2016 MAMA. #CryingSonyeondan #StartledSonyeondan (https://youtu.be/Gx3Cz1CqA84)

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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[ARTICLE] BTS placed #1 in Twitter Korea’s Music category

Twitter Korea has published the ranking of keywords and accounts based on analyzation of Korean users’ tweets and accounts. In the Music category, idol group BTS (@BTS_twt) climbed up to #1 (was #2 last year), being actively communicating with global fans through Twitter. 

Meanwhile, this year’s ‘Golden Tweet’ that received the most amount of retweets from national users belong to the photo tweet taken by idol group BTS after receiving one of the Daesangs, the ‘Album Of The Year’ award at ‘2016 Melon Music Awards’ on November 20th. The photo of 7 members with their trophy is spread among worldwide fans and is recorded with 194,000 retweets at the moment.

In the category of Followers, Big Bang’s G-dragon went up to #1 with 7,000,000 followers, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Donghae took #2 and #3, followed by 2PM’s Nickhun, PSY, BTS, Super Junior’s Yesung and Leeteuk, BoA, Miss A’s Suzy, making up the Top 10. In addition, BTS’ official Twitter account (@BTS_twt) gained 2 million followers this year and became the account with fastest follower growth rate among Korean accounts. 

The ‘First On Twitter’ case diagram was also revealed for the first time this year. BTS was the first among K-POP artists to have their own special emoticon and had approximately 39 millions tweets with their official hashtag. In May 2016,  ’#SKTelecom x #BTS’ campaign ad was recorded as the first example in Korea to use Twitter’s ‘First View’ feature, which keeps a video ad on top of timeline for 24 hours.

BTS also ranked #7 in most mentioned artists ranking of Twitter Japan, and is the only foreign artist in the list.

Source: StarSeoulTV