#INEEDU When Bangtan Boys does XX, they needㅇㅇ!?

Q. 랩몬스터가 셀카를 찍을 떄 필요한 것은? #INEEDU

Q. What does Rap Monster need when he takes a selca? #INEEDU

RM: (랩몬처럼 잘생긴) 얼굴….!!!

RM: A face (that’s handsome like RapMon)….!!! #Silently_DeletingASelca_InTheCameraGallery

Q. 슈가가 잠들기 위해 꼭 필요한 것은?

Q. What does Suga need most to sleep?

SUGA: I NEED 격한 연습!!!

SUGA: I NEED intense training!!!

Q. 제이홉이 기분이 안 좋을 때는!?

Q. When J-Hope doesn’t feel good!?

J-Hope: 당연히 A.R.M.Y 죠 ♥ 홉니쥬 홉니쥬! (라고 말씀하셨습니다)

J-Hope: Of course it’s A.R.M.Y ♥ HopeNeedYou HopeNeedYou! (he said)

Q. 지민이 시험 볼 때 이 것이 꼭 필요하다!!

Q. When Jimin takes exams, he must need this!!

Jimin: 모니형과 슙슙형이 필요하다!!

Jimin: I need Moni hyung and Syubsyub hyung!! 
Picture: I need <Moni hyung’s brain> + Suga hyung’s tricks*

T/N: * Tricks for answering some specific questions

Q. 내가 무대에 오를 때 제일 필요한 것은?

Q. When I go on stage, what is it that I need most?

Jin: 춤 실력!! (든든한 날개군 화이팅!)

Jin: Dance skills!! (this is a confident skill to have, fighting!)

Q. 정국이 안무 연습할 때 필요한 것은?

Q. When Jungkook practices the choreography, what does he need?

Jungkook: 방탄 S2 성득 안무쌤 뽀렙허- ♥

Jungkook: Bangtan S2 teacher Seongdeuk forever- ♥

T/N: The S2 is a heart, similar to how <3 is a heart :)

Q. 뷔가 고기를 먹을 때 가장 필요한 것은?

Q. When V eats meat, what is it that he needs most?

V: 특명-☆ 대식가 남준(a.k.a. 랩몬)을 제..제거!?
(※랩몬 주의사항: 고기를 먹을 때 뒤를 조심해야한다)

V: Special command -☆  Re..remove gourmand Namjoon(a.k.a. RapMon)!?
(※RapMon precautions: When you eat meat, you should watch your back)

Picture: Ssam**? Not that~ Rice? Not that~ I need to remove Namjoonie hyung, that’s what~ hahahaha

T/N: 쌈 (ssam) is rice and condiments wrapped in lettuce leaves

Trans cr; Mary & Sevina @ bts-trans

[NEWS] YG’s iKON Working for Debut in This Summer… YANG HYUN SUK Says “More than 20 Songs Have been Completed”

[마이데일리=전원 기자] YG Entertainment’s President YANG HYUN SUK mentioned the timing of idol group iKON (B.I, KIM JIN HWAN, BOBBY, SONG YUN HYEONG, KOO JUN HOE, KIM DONG HYUK, and JUNG CHAN WOO)’s debut.

In an interview after “BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR MADE IN SEOUL” held on April 26 at Olympic Gymnastics Hall located in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, YANG HYUN SUK said, “I want iKON to be the next runner following BIGBANG”.

Since confirmation of iKON’s members in November last year, there have been a lot of talks about the time of iKON’s debut, but the team has not officially performed in Korea yet. YANG said, “Recently, I meet iKON members a lot, to talk about their work on new songs”.

Then, YANG explained, “However, I thought BIGBANG should come back first. More than 20 songs have already been completed for iKON so far. Their debut is so important, so I want to make the best album by pick-and-choosing only the best songs. The group I care most these days is iKON. I hope they can make debut within this summer. That is my wish.”

Meanwhile, along with the beginning of the world tour, BIGBANG will release a project single album with more than one songs on the 1 of every month from May to August, and the complete album “MADE” will be released finally on September 1. Such a plan is drawing much attention in the music scene, as it is the reproduction of BIGBANG’s debut plan in which a single album was released every month.

In the world tour that began in Seoul and will continue until 2016, BIGBANG will have 70 concerts in 15 countries in Asia, America, and other regions, to meet 1.4 million fans. 2015. 4. 27.



I NEED U! 방탄소년단이 알려주는 리빙포인트-☆ 방탄소년단에게 물어보았습니다. 이럴 땐 무엇이 필요하나요?


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