If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour by Cees

Theatre Royal Adelphi
Nassau Steam Press W S Johnson 60 St Martin’s Lane
measures 460mm x 750mm

The Poster advertises production of Thirst of Gold and The Sea of Ice [or The Lost Ship and the Wild Flower of Mexico]
Monday Feb. 13th 1854 & During the Week
A New Grand Christmas Magical Spectacle
Number Nip and the Spirit Bride
An Entirely New Pas D'Action - La Tauromachie [Bull fighting]

The first play is advertised as being produced in Feb 1854 whilst the second is for a Christmas production so possibly printed late in 1853 for use through into the following year [as appose to advertising in the preceeding Feb the forthcoming Christmas production]

An exceptionally rare survivor -