Some Fall 2016 Sketches

XD ahh when I first drawing colors. look at all those puns I planned. Man I had more in my lost sketchbook, I also had cute handplates Sans and papyrus in lil outfits and Colors going into UnderSwap. 

Colors is also with her own Gaster in the third pic

If ya look into my Ask Colors and Other Blog you can see I was gonna make a storyline where Colors visits a HandPlates AU.


Some Fall 2016 Sketches

The first pic is another au I made out of no where along side DemonTale, it was called UnderSpell or OuterSpell because I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be an OuterTale au or my own au. this one didn’t last as long as DemonTale, I do have one unfinished pic of UnderSpell Sans. maybe I should finish it for fun!

XD Can I just say, I’m proud of Fresh Legs, this was still when I was discovering Au’s for the first time so I was doing a bunch of Combos.


Sarah by Cees