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Would you consider magnanility(?) As your own original trait or alex as ur oc? Bc ive seen ppl use magmanility(?) For their own oc before

I’ve seen the brown soul used mainly for traits like creativity, loyalty and a few other traits. Magnanimity is pretty crucial of a trait to the NMT story, which is why I went with this trait when creating Alex.

The stories overall purpose is to overcome and face your physical, emotional and psychological traumas, and to forgive (be magnanimous) and accept your past and what’s happened, and move forward with your future and fight against your challenges.

In NMT, the magnanimity trait is a combination of both kindness (green) and bravery (orange); which Alex received from their parents.

In this sense, the trait and colour is very specific to Alex.

If people use the same trait.. eh, I guess it’s their choice. Not my place to make a judgement xD


Pernah satu ketika, di masa perjuangan Nabi Muhammad SAW sedang menyebarkan islam di Mekah, sekelompok orang quraisy datang kepada Rasulullah SAW, seraya berkata

“Wahai Muhammad, sembahlah tuhan kami selama sehari, maka niscaya kami pun akan menyembah tuhanmu selama sehari”

“Tidak boleh” Ucap Rasulullah SAW

“Wahai Muhammad, sembahlah tuhan kami selama sehari, maka niscaya kami akan menyembah tuhanmu selama sebulan”

“Tidak boleh” Ucap Rasulullah SAW

“Wahai Muhammad, sembahlah tuhan kami selama sehari, maka niscaya kami akan menyembah tuhanmu selama setahun”

“Tidak boleh” Ucap Rasulullah SAW

“Wahai Muhammad, tak perlu kau sembah tuhan kami, cukup akui saja bahwa tuhan-tuhan kami ada, sekali saja, maka niscaya kami akan menyembah tuhanmu selamanya”

Lalu, turunlah wahyu Allah kepada Nabi Muhammad SAW, dan Nabi mengucapkan wahyu tersebut kepada orang Quraisy tersebut.

“Wahai orang-orang kafir. Aku tidak menyembah apa yang kamu sembah. Dan kamu pun bukan penyembah apa yang aku sembah. Dan aku tidak akan pernah menyembah apa yang kamu sembah. Dan kamu tidak pernah (pula) menyembah apa yang aku sembah.”

Lalu rasul menutup perkataannya, “Untukmu agamu, untukku agamaku”

Sesungguhnya seorang muslim tidak pernah diajarkan untuk membenci orang lain karena perbedaan agama. Jika seorang muslim tidak berkenan mengikuti perilaku agama yang lain, walau itu hanya meniru sedikit, itu bukan karena dirinya membenci agama lain, sesungguhnya dia juga menghormati dirimu, tapi dia juga sesungguhnya sedang menjalankan perintah Tuhannya.

Jika ada muslim yang menjadi pembenci, maka ada baiknya kita belajar kembali bagaimana kita diperintahkan saling menyayangi satu sama lain dengan semua orang.

Wallahu'alam bisshawab

Kisah diatas merupakan kisah turunnya surat al-kafirun. Dapat dilihat juga dari banyak kitab tafsir, seperti tafsir Imam Tabari (w. 310H), Ibnu Katsir (w. 774H), dsb.

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Trigger warning: Melting skin shit. Pretty gross. Gender neutral child; Charalgamate does not have a canon gender. Up the the reader. Needles too. So much trigger stuff. Don’t do drugs kids. 

Page 62 of NMT. A crucial point in NMT: How Charalgamate became the butt ugly being they rightfully are. 

Ooookay; I have been really scared to submit this page. (even shaking now because I’m still so scared DX). I can just feel the rage from people saying something like ‘This isn’t right, memoryhead can be considered as part of a persons imagination’, 'why would that happen?!’, 'what’s wrong with you?!’.. (I can already feel the abuse I’m going to get for this).

Yes, okay, there are multiple theories for memoryhead that I’ve come across. However, let us consider something, there is no evidence to say that memoryhead actually left the underground, as in the ending credits, he does not appear. Now, we can say that is probably because 'he isn’t real’, or, maybe this might be because he didn’t leave the underground?

And other than what the amalgamates are made up of, with the exception of memoryhead, we don’t really know much about them. We know that memoryhead can attack by presenting dots and faces, which are most likely to distort the enemies thoughts and memories. Also, if you attack memoryhead, their HP rises; and he communicates through electronics. I’ve tried to combine these traits with Chara; the static mouth, the ability to manipulate thoughts and memories through dreams.

Also, we don’t know HOW unstable injected DT is when injected a second time into an amalgamate. Whats to say that amalgamates can’t continue to melt if injected with DT again? What’s to say DT not only causes monsters bodies to melt, but also their souls? Since amalgamates possess abilities of each of the monsters its made up from, isn’t it likely to suggest that this is because the souls are merged together? Again, with Chara, this is another element I’ve combined with this theory. The merging of the souls since humans can’t absorb monsters souls, but perhaps the merging of the souls allows memoryhead to attack for Chara using his abilities?

This is all hypothetical, and I do apologise if you don’t like the idea. I really don’t want to have a debate or be called names if you don’t like the idea. I could be completely wrong with this, anyways. Its all theoretical. Besides, it’s an AU, crazy stuff happens all the time.




To Call, By Name

Summary: Crisotomo’s grandfather left more than just an old tree behind. (Elibarra, AU, Noli Me Tangere)

A/N: this is an old story that i’m strangely still satisfied with AHAHA for @reverberatingwhispers​ because we’re both still suffering

Additional notes: Naga!Elias + a really subtle au | Naga are serpent deities, their presence in structures are talismans against fire //winkwink | inspired by the relationship between Natsume and Nyanko-sensei from Natsume Yuujinchou

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Nightmaretale Frisk and Chara as requested by @jillidraws

Sorry I only had time for the lineart

Nightmaretale belongs to @xxmileikaivanaxx

I love these two so much, they were the ones who made me ship Charisk (thank you) AND their designs are amazing! Nightmaretale was one of the first comics I read in the Undertale fandom, and it was stunning and beautiful. Thank you so much for this gift <3