Plans have been released by London’s Mayor to create elevated cycle lanes designed by Exterior Architecture. 1 UKP allows you to bicycle without buses, trucks or other hazardous elements.

Dubbed ‘SkyCycle’ - check out a video here.

Is this the future for bicycle commuting in major cities?

Eu falei coração, eu avisei. Mandei você se afastar e parar de bater tão forte quando ele chega perto de ti. Eu falei para as pernas e as mãos pararem de tremer, eu avisei. Agora ta ai, deu nisso. Todo mundo foi pro buraco, todo mundo doido e apaixonado, eu avisei. Eu falei coração, para ir maia devagar e ter certeza de que era certo. Mas não me escuta né? Gosta de se machucar, coleciona cicatrizes. Só desejo que essa não seja tão profunda e cure mais rápido. 


Elibarra Modern/University AU can I get a yes? owo

It’s an over-used AU trope but I can’t help it. I had to haha XD.

Anyways, I imagine Elias being a senior to Crisostomo, but since he’s practically involved in a lot of (varsitarian, academic, social justice, theatre arts, etc.) stuff, he got held back by a few semesters (therefore, delayed na siya huhu).

Crisostomo, on the other hand, can manage being the editor of the campus newspaper and being a councilor for the university’s student council, all the while running for summa cum laude and preparing for med school. (E di wow.)

These two are polar opposites IS2G (evident in their clothing styles that blatantly express their social class), but they both agree that the current system sucks thus they seek reformation.

Cris’s shirt in the second pic is actually a reference to an Eraserheads’ song “Ligaya” (Tatlong oras na akong nagpapa-cute sa ‘yo/ ‘Di mo man lang napapansin ang bagong T-shirt ko). Wala lang, shameless flirting lang hahaha XD

Das it. Maybe next time I’ll draw something agsty for these two. owo/


John Mayer - Who You Love ft. Katy Perry