just buy him the ddukbokki already =_= shut up, flower boy myungsoo
  • myungsoo:buy me grand ddukbokki later.
  • sungyeol:okay i'll buy it for you later.
  • dongwoo:graaand ddukbokki~
  • myungsoo:*indiscernible talking*
  • sungyeol:AH stop talking to me when i'm playing games. [you've been] talking nonstop about grand ddukbokki since yesterday.
  • myungsoo:yeah buy me grand ddukbokki.
  • woohyun:is it good?
  • myungsoo:it's hella good.
  • myungsoo:good.as.f*#%
  • myungsoo:it's so good...
  • credit:140724 mnet 4things show waiting room
  • note:the members did not say this on broadcast. they were talking comfortably in the waiting room and the show's staff didn't let them know the audio was being broadcasted live to the ustream. i'm assuming grand ddukbokki is a restaurant name. also, myungsoo didn't technically cuss because he used korean slang of words that are abbreviated and mashed together, but the meaning of each word in the abbreviated form is...yeah LOL. i told you he talks like a teenager.

cluaida asked:

infinite reaction to a rumor about you cheating on them?

Sunggyu: He’d be annoyed at people accusing you of such things but he would just ignore it and let it blow over

Hoya: He gonna be pretty pissed off

“Seriously these people have nothing better to do?!”

Dongwoo: He would laugh it off but feel a little insecure on the inside

“Ahahahaha that’s so funny! you aren’t cheating right?”

Woohyun: I think he would be more concerned about you

“Don’t worry you know I trust you sweetheart!”

L: Annoyed at these people spreading rumors and protective over you

“Wait what? she wouldn’t cheat on me don’t be stupid” 

Sungyeol: “*sigh* bitches be jealous”

Sungjong: Wouldn’t care at first but if it upsets you he would start getting very annoyed at people and get protective and ushering to you

“I trust you so don’t get upset”


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