I never get tired of this vine. :’)


okay with Monsta X’s comeback on 10/02, i’m getting especially worried that we won’t be able to show our support properly in MV views because there is so much false info on youtube streaming. that’s what’s happening with INFINITE right now so I wanted to clear the air before Guilty is released.

with the last comeback, it was being passed around that you have to stream at 720p which is NOT true! for Infinite’s comeback this time, many said that it’s best to clear your history after some views and to search for the MV in the yt search bar as often as possible and clicking from there which is also NOT true. this all just makes it harder to stream and takes more time away from actually streaming the video.

the only guidelines to follow are:

  • have the ENTIRE video play through (no skipping, refreshing in the middle of the video)
  • do not use the replay button or auto-refreshers!

sourcing from got7&co’s twitter & my own personal experience(https://twitter.com/got7co/status/780229565914370048)

that’s pretty much it but there other things for more efficiency, such as:

  • use a playlist. to do this, add the MV to a playlist of at least 3 videos and make sure you leave it on repeat as often as possible. basically the page is reloaded every time the playlist switches to a new video.
  • stream on multiple tabs. open the MV or playlist on as many tabs as your device can handle and mute your window. do NOT mute the video. Firefox lets you mute individual tabs so you can still listen to stuff on your computer whereas with Chrome and IE, you can mute the window in your volume mixer and use a different browser if you still want to hear the song.

as for using private browsing, I don’t think it matters either way but there’s no way to be really sure. if you think about people streaming on mobile, they can’t really go incognito on the youtube app but there’s no harm if you want to be safe and use private browsing anyway :)

if anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know! let’s do our best!!