Park Hyungsik Acting Appreciation Post

Hot damn, Park Hyungsik just kills me in SWDBS [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon].. I mean, how did our precious guy go from this:

Adorable Jo Myungsoo from Heirs

To this arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk?

Arrogant, less cute more manly CEO Ahn Minhyuk from SWDBS

Like? How omg he’s just so handsome.. Just the two characters are almost polar opposites if you look at the visuals above.. that’s what i call great acting (though i like fall in love with main leads and second leads like a lot.. lol) 

deerminh  asked:

Hey, it's me again \(^♡^)/ Can I please have antoher Infinite gif reaction? Where they have a best friend and they've been friends for ages or since childhood and Infinite is thinking how it would be if they were a couple instead of "just best friends" and if their best friend would return their feelings.

Hey there lovely ~ I’m happy to write this up for you and hope it turns out in a way that you like!



He finds himself staring at you more and more, taking in every inch of you each time he sees you like its the first time. Doesn’t realize he’s actually staring at you until he gets caught in the act “Hey?” “Oh, uh, hey.”

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The more he thinks about what it would be like to date you, the more the idea appeals to him. You guys already know everything about eachother, you do everything together, you get along so well, it’s like you’re already dating so why not make it official. “Y/N, I’ve got an idea and I hope you like it as much as I do!”

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The two of you often play-flirt and are often mistaken as a couple so the thought of dating you has crossed his mind before, but he’s beginning to think it’s something he really wants and isn’t afraid to go after. “So Y/N, what are you doing the rest of your life?”

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He was honestly surprised at the direction his thoughts have been going recently, but not bad surprised. He starts to look at you differently and realize all the things that make you a person he wants in his life forever and maybe not just as friends like he originally thought. “You okay? You’re pretty quiet today.” “Yeah, just thinking about some stuff. Well talk about it when I figure out what I want for sure.”

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He’s probably had feelings for you all along, just deciding to put them aside and be your friend because he thought that’s what you wanted and he just wanted to be a part of your life. When the feelings get too much for him he’s going to accidentally spill the beans, but he’s not even upset about it “Wow you’re perfect.” “What?” “I think I love you.”

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He’s usually happy and outgoing when with you, but he finds himself being quieter and quieter as his thoughts about you race. He doesn’t know if these feelings are here to stay or are just passing by so he waits, but once he figures out what’s going on he’ll have a serious conversation with you about it. He won’t want to ruin your friendship, but he doesn’t like keeping things from you so he let’s it all out one night “…but now I just can’t stop thinking about the two of us together, really together, and I like the idea.”

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He’ll be another one that has always had feelings for you, he’s just wanted to wait until he thought it was the right time to tell you about them. He’s been there for you when you would get hurt by other boys all these years and now he’s here to tell you that you deserve someone that loves you completely and without reservations and that that someone is him. “I would never hurt you like they did, just let me mend your broken pieces.”

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Hongbin really liked this chair