Exiled Hux (1/?)

After the failure of Starkiller, Hux is stripped of his rank and sent into exile as punishment for his mistakes but it isn’t long before Kylo comes after him, claiming to have destroyed the Supreme Leader to ensure that the First Order is safe for Hux to return to and take control of. But Hux doesn’t give him the warm welcome that Kylo had wanted.

“Long time, no see, General,” Kylo says in a playful tone, wanting to immediately return to the blossoming dynamic they had before Snoke had forced them to part. He smirks behind the comfort of his mask, taking in how much Hux has changed since they last met. Hux’s hair has grown long in his absence but Kylo can only concentrate on the seemingly permanent cold look on Hux’s face, the frigid scowl that has never made Kylo feel so uncomfortable before. As his ex-General strides closer, Kylo stands rooted to the ground, staring into Hux’s empty eyes, absently noting the blaster in his hand. “Hux?”

“Leave. Now.”