So, normally I wouldn’t bother with Valentine’s Day things, but @flavor-text-chara made some precious Chara Valentine’s Day card templates, and I couldn’t help slapping together a few of my own.

Because nothing says “I love you” like red demon eyes and bundles of lovely poisonous buttercups. =)

The Signs as Teachers

Aries: "the teacher that seems really strict, but will cave if you give them compliments. easy a"

Taurus: “teacher that eats in the classroom while teaching. waits until everyone understands the topic before moving on. class smells like sardines”

Gemini: “encourages students to give them gifts on holidays. gives little information about test, and tests always have multiple questions and are really difficult. pop quizzes!”

Cancer: "cries a lot, tells about their life story. doesn’t actually teach. gives you a detention if you tell a sad animal story” 

Leo: “boasts about all their degrees. all the students highkey thirst over them”

Virgo: “has a very organized classroom, good teachers. class is hard, but very rewarding. obsessed with brit pop and cats. inner fan boy/girl like the rest of us. watches season finales with students”

Libra:“is not confident in their teaching abilities, but is friends with all the students. very hesitant to issue detentions”

Scorpio: “educates everyone about sex twice a week, and informs everyone why they shouldn’t do drugs. very chill teacher, but the tests that were supposed to be “easy” are all covering knowledge that you haven’t even been taught yet”

Sagittarius: “literally the embodiment of evil. tries too hard to be cool with the students, but just overall offensive af. lectures are hell to sit through, and tests are waaaay too difficult”

Capricorn: “meticulous af. will flip out if you bend your paper. tests are vague and difficult. A students are failing in their class. drinks the tears of their students”

Aquarius: “a v good teacher, actually teaches you shit. tolerates rowdy students in the beginning, but after a while, they aint gon take anymore of your bs”

Pisces:“friends with all the students. doesn’t teach as much, but tests are reasonable and material is easy to remember. encourages students and talks about their dreams a lot. students are all aware of how sensitive they are, and not even the bullies have the heart to crush their dreams. also ultra affectionate”


Posting these early in case people want to print and use! Please remember to give me credit if you use these! I appreciate it :)

Do not repost, copy, or use as a base! Thanks!

This is a redraw of the cards I made last year! you can see the old ones here!