• Someone:I dk how people can put so much ice in their drinks or eat ice lol
  • Me, filling 9/10th of my cup with ice before pouring a drink, then eating the ice:yea I kr what hahahh

ahh wait so this episode set up so many things I have to re-watch it a lot and contemplate a lot of possibilities

so in Bran’s visions, we see the scene of him falling from the window a few times + we get a glimpse of Jaime’s sword going to the mad king… so clearly Bran is seeing something with regards to Jaime. Also, he sees Ned asking about Lyanna, and the mad king again… and this is something to do with the Targaryens.

So this means maybe he now knows that Jon is a Targaryen/will soon know that… and maybe there’s a possible Stark/Lannister alliance on its way?

Jaime is now headed to Riverrun for the siege, but so is Brienne… Sansa wants the Tully army to fight with her, but the Freys/Lannisters are going against the Tullys. This can go bad for Sansa; the Tully army can’t help…. or it can go very well. It’s a small chance but what if Jaime agrees to help Brienne? 

Sansa also knows the truth about Joffrey’s death, so she can give that info to Cersei and screw Petyr over (the reason I think of this is because of Arya, and that scene she had with Cersei caring so much about Joffrey’s death)… and if you screw Petyr over, who else will be screwed? The Tyrells, because they killed Joffrey as well. 

So now we could have Lannister & Stark & Tully alliance against Boltons & Tyrells & Sparrows? 

And ultimately, a Stark/Targaryen alliance when they need to fight the white walkers?

I’m not sure there are so many possibilities honestly and this is amazing I can’t predict anything ahhhh. 


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*marvel gets their hands on jon snow*

Jon was secretly a white walker double agent this whole time,,,, he’s been fooling everyone and gathering an army for the white walkers to take,,,

anonymous asked:

I disagree, to some extent. While I agree now that "let boys be feminine" is sometimes damaging to trans girls, what about trans boys? Without that notion, we'd only accept those that appeal to the toxic notions of hyper-masculinity. Let those boys be feminine, those actual boys! Mostly I think it's context-dependent, and you were correct in the context you spoke of. —sincerely, a trans girl

The entire purpose of the original post I reblogged on the topic was to defend trans boys.